POC Procen Air Helmet

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Procen Air Helmet

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Poc Procen Air Helmet

Introducing the Poc Procen Air Helmet, designed for speed, this helmet brings the aerodynamic advantages of a time trial helmet to performance road cycling, without sacrificing comfort or ventilation. Influenced by POC's time trial designs, its sleek surface cuts through the air effortlessly. Inspired by the Venturi effect, its ventilation system provides cooling across the entire head, while minimizing disruption for maximum aero efficiency. Featuring an integrated visor with magnetic attachment, it offers an alternative to traditional sunglasses, enhancing visibility with Clarity Road lens technology. Soft EVA ear covers reduce wind noise, and an adjustable system ensures a secure fit for every rider, optimizing performance in the peloton.



  • Venturi-inspired airflow
  • Integrated visor
  • Visor storage system
  • Ear covers optimised for aerodynamics and sound
Please note: Unless otherwise stated, all bicycle helmets sold on SigmaSports.com are certified with a European CE EN1078 standard. Specific countries may have their own certification, which is legally required. Please check your specific country requirements.

POC Procen Air Helmet Sizing

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