PRO Stealth Sport Saddle

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Stealth Sport Saddle

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PRO Stealth Sport Saddle

For those seeking a performance and power-focused saddle on a budget, the new PRO Stealth Sport Saddle is a perfect choice.  One of the first short-nose saddles on the market, the Stealth allows the rider to sit more forward on the saddle thanks to the shorter and wider frontal area.  A forward position is beneficial for anyone looking to ride in a lower, aerodynamic position as it allows for easier hip rotation and increased flexibility.  The Stealth is not just for racing however, a wide channel cut out also relieves pressure on the perineum so soreness can be avoided on longer days in the saddle when racing or training.

With a carbon fibre reinforced shell, the saddle stays stiff and ensures all your power is driven through the pedals when in a seated position.  The shell is coated with a polyurethane foam layer and cover that helps absorb road buzz without adding any bulk to the saddle overall.  The lower price of this saddle comes as a result of its Cromoly steel rails which are heavier than the hollow steel or carbon rail alternative offerings but offer the same performance for a slight weight increase.


  • The short-nosed design of the Stealth Sport saddle is intended to ensure riders can maintain a forward, aggressive, riding position for a long period of time
  • Bestselling Stealth shape now available with budget-friendly Cromoly steel rails
  • Features a carbon fibre reinforced base with PU padding and a durable PU cover

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