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Park Tool CC3.2 Chain Wear Indicator

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Park Tool
CC3.2 Chain Wear Indicator

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This laser cut steel Park Tool CC3.2 Chain Wear Indicator has been lengthened for more accurate measurement of the 0.5% and 0.75% wear indicators.

This allows you to monitor chain wear to prevent increased wear of other parts or poor performance.

Park Tool CC3.2 Chain Wear Indicator

Chain wear or stretch can cause a significant drop in the performance of your bike, as well as potentially speeding up the damage of other components. Therefore, you will want to prevent your chain from reaching this point by regularly checking it with the Park Tool CC3.2 Chain Wear Indicator.

Constructed by laser cutting steel, this lengthened version covers more of the chain to give you better accuracy of the measurement. There are two indicators for 0.5% and 0.75% wear based on when manufacturers recommend replacement.

As soon as you see the 0.75% side fits into the chain you will want to replace it before it can increase the wear on other drivetrain components, or affect performance.


  • Chain checker tool
  • Prevent a poor chain for affecting your bikes performance
  • Indicates 0.5% and 0.75% wear
  • Lengthened design for increased chain coverage
  • Construction: laser cut steel
  • Ten speed compatible
  • Made in the USA

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