Park Tool PCS-9.3 Home Repair Stand

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Park Tool
PCS-9.3 Home Repair Stand

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Park Tool PCS-9.3 Home Repair Stand

Designed to make working on your bike simpler, the Park Tool PCS-9.3 Home Repair Stand is compatible with almost all bikes, including electric bikes. Its folding design sees a minimal footprint when collapsed, but provides a stable, hands-free platform to perform more complex mechanical tasks, with the raised stance positioning the bike at an ergonomic height. 

Durable and built to last, the all-steel construction has a high-quality feel and can support bikes up to 36 kilograms in weight. The adjustable clamp is versatile and can clamp both frame tubes and seatposts, including aero and dropper post models. 


  • The PCS-9.3 is a stable way to hold nearly any bike off the ground for adjustments, cleaning and repair
  • It features 460mm of height adjustment and 360 degrees of clamp rotation, positioning all parts of the bike within reach for any mechanic whether seated or standing
  • The stand's all-steel construction with teardrop-shaped tubing ensures maximum rigidity and stability, with a locking support yoke and upgraded internals for extra dependability
  • Able to hold up to 36kg, which allows for compatibility with virtually all two-wheeled pedal-driven bicycles, including fat bikes and most e-bikes
  • Quickly folds down for storage and transport with a smooth-operating leg support system that pulls both legs up in one simple motion
  • Fully adjustable clamp fits 22mm - 76mm diameter tubes and seat posts of any shape and material, including aero posts and dropper posts
  • Narrow clamping jaws fit into tight areas or on short seat posts
  • Durable textured powder coat finish
  • Maximum weight capacity of 36kg (assuming the weight is centred below the clamp and between the legs)
  • Height adjustable from 990mm - 1450mm
  • Manufacturer claimed weight of 7.2kg

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