Pirelli Cinturato RC X Gravel Tyre

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Cinturato RC X Gravel Tyre

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Pirelli Cinturato RC X Gravel Tyre

Designed for rough roads, mixed terrain, and the toughest gravel trails, Pirelli's Cinturato™ Gravel RC X Tyre is the ideal choice for gravel racing as well as for the most extreme bikepacking. The X stands for Extreme and indicates a Pirelli bike tyre dedicated to the toughest and most demanding use. The same tread design from the Cinturato™ Gravel RC, the Cinturato™ Gravel RC X is the answer to all gravel racing requirements on the roughest terrain: fast on the straights, thanks to minimal central line tread, and aggressive on the corners, with higher and more substantial tread to support handling when cornering. Our new TechWALL X tubeless casing construction features a reinforced and cut-resistant 60tpi fabric made longer to extend past the tread line, offering even more sidewall protection on top of the already present bead-to-bead protection layer. The Cinturato™ Gravel RC X is designed for the most demanding gravel courses for riders seeking the best performances in all racing conditions.


  • Optimal ride feeling with excellent puncture resistance on rocky terrain
  • SpeedGRIP Compound formulation for on-&-off-road rolling efficiency coupled with high tear resistance and high wet grip.
  • TechWALL X High-strength woven Nylon fabric from bead to bead for added cut and puncture protection
  • Multi-ply 60tpi Nylon casing construction, with longer overlap on the sidewall
  • TLR tubeless-ready, rim compatibility developed under ETRTO standards. Aramid folding bead optimised for modern wide rims and lower pressure riding
  • Weight: 40mm / 560g

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