Profile Design FC35 Hydration Drink System

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Profile Design
FC35 Hydration Drink System

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Maximise your fluid capacity and performance with the new Profile Design FC35 Hydration Drink System.

With an aerodynamic airfoil shape and between-the-arms mounting location, this hydration system is able to hold a large volume of liquid whilst also enhancing bike stability, providing an essential addition to any TT set up.

Profile Design FC35 Hydration Drink System

Being able to hydrate during your TT or triathlon is incredibly important and being able to drink whilst you are in the aerobar tuck can prove difficult. The new Profile Design FC35 Hydration Drink System alleviates this issue and builds on the American manufacturer's legacy of speed with a between-the-arms hydration system designed to enhance handling whilst also creating the minimum amount of drag possible with a low-profile sleek design.

By utilising a tried and tested symmetrical NACA airfoil shape with a Kamm tail, Profile Design are able to reduce drag to an absolute minimum. The between-the-arms location of the hydration system improves bike handling and stability alongside aerodynamics. The system's location on the bars also makes it incredibly easy to use while moving at speed in the aerobar tuck position.

The airfoil-shaped bottle is BPA-free and holds 1035 millilitres of fluid - perfect for longer time trials or Ironman training. The revolutionary no-spill system integrates a double aperture-baffle design to preclude splashing while still affording the user quick and easy refill capability. A baffle design, while not completely waterproof, greatly reduces any leakage or splashing as it creates a double barrier for any fluid that may get out from the refill port.

Also included are an integrated computer mount that is Garmin compatible and a rear airfoil storage pouch, perfect for an energy gel or two. The white or black colour schemes means this remarkable hydration system fits seamlessly into an elite tri-bike system.


  • Engineered, patent-pending no-splash refill port
  • Top section features a symmetrical NACA airfoil with Kamm tail which reduces overall drag
  • Fits narrow mounting aerobars or wider setups with the Basebar Bracket
  • Includes an integrated computer mount and rear airfoil storage system
  • BPA-free, food-safe HDPE bottle
  • Max width 140mm (centre-to-centre)
  • Minimum width 65mm
  • Capacity: 1035ml / 35oz
  • Weight: approximately 465 grams

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