Prologo Nago R4 Tirox


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Nago R4 Tirox
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Prologo Nago R4 Tirox

The NAGO R4, the culmination of Prologo's rich heritage and innovative design, encompassing the legacy of triumphs and achievements that have defined the brand's history from its inception. With a legacy of victories in prestigious events such as the Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, and World Championships, the NAGO saddle has been the choice of renowned champions like Bradley Wiggins, Alberto Contador, and many more, solidifying its status as an iconic symbol of cycling excellence.

Designed from the needs of professional teams supported by Prologo, the new saddle has been perfected through ""Pressure Map MyOwn"" testing to meet the needs of all cyclists seeking maximum performance and comfort even for long rides.

The NAGO R4 represents the ultimate fusion of innovation, performance, and comfort, ensuring every cycling endeavor provides the excellence and advancement that Prologo embodies. Experience the pinnacle of cycling performance with the NAGO R4, where tradition meets cutting-edge technology.


  • NAGO R4 PAS: Incorporates two independent lateral sections made of state-of-the-art foam with variable density, ensuring optimal support and comfort during all stages of the ride. The Prologo PAS system, integrates a spacious central channel and perforated base to mitigate pressure peaks even during rigorous pedalling.
  • Minimal and Functional Design: The sleek design cover highlights the anatomical center for precise positioning, while the back of the cover displays model specifications and geographic coordinates, paying homage to Prologo's headquarters in Busnago, near Milan, Italy.
  • Long Carbon Fibre Injected Base: All versions of the NAGO R4 feature a Long Carbon Fibre Injected base, striking the perfect balance between rigidity and comfort, ensuring an unparalleled riding experience. Weight: Varies based on specifications.
  • TiroX Rail (Light Alloy Steel): Engineered with a remarkable equilibrium between weight and strength, the TiroX rail offers enhanced comfort with superior vibration absorption, making it an ideal choice for those prioritizing a comfortable riding experience.
  • Dimensions: 245x137mm
  • Weight: 195g
  • Rail: Tirox Light alloy steel

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