QUOC Escape Road Shoes

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Escape Road Shoes

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QUOC Escape Road Shoes

The clue is in the name; QUOC's Escape Road Shoes are for cyclists who like to get out and ride, in all conditions and in areas where the tarmac is less than perfect. Comfort is a priority, and the carbon composite sole is stiff enough for efficient pedalling without feeling overly rigid so you can ride all day. A foot-hugging fit provides supports, and the heel uses malleable padding for a more customised feel. 

The shoes feature a PU upper that's durable and easy to keep looking sharp, even when you're off the bike taking a photo, grabbing a snack or filling a bottle. Additional protection over the toes prevents scuffs. Ventilation holes feature over the front portion of the shoe and on the tongue to improve airflow, keeping your feet fresh and cool.

Closure is via a single QUOC dial and zig zag webbing to guide the lace, allowing a precise fit, even pressure distribution and quick release when required. 


  • QUOC Technology single dial closure system for micro-adjustable support
  • Carbon composite outsole balancing stiffness and comfort
  • Durable, easy-to-clean PU upper
  • Malleable heel padding and supportive, foot-hugging fit
  • Reinforced guard protecting the toe cap
  • Organically structured ventilation air holes for breathability
  • Nature-inspired reflective strip
  • Reflective zig-zag detailing lace-guide
  • Replaceable heel pad
  • Cleat compatibility: 3-bolt road (SPD-SL/LOOK)

QUOC Escape Road Shoes Sizing

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