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RaceFace Atlas MTB Pedals

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RaceFace Atlas Pedal

As their flagship freeride and downhill model, the RaceFace Atlas MTB Pedal is sleek and lightweight, tipping the scales at a scant 355 grams per pair, without sacrificing the strength required for lap after lap of bike park abuse. The 6061 aluminium design is highly durable, yet incredibly thin to lower your centre of gravity. With a double concave design, your shoe stays firmly planted on the wide 101x114mm platform, with the 20 pins per pedal providing claw-like bite. The pins unique bottom loading, hexagonal design enhances grip over traditional round pins, with the fore and aft pins being angled inward to prevent your foot sliding.

Each pedal utilises four fully sealed cartridge bearings to prevent ingress from dirt and water, ensuring smooth, lasting performance through all four seasons. The low weight makes the Atlas a perfect pairing for your trail bike, yet the durable design ensures it can take the hits associated with downhill riding. A hidden grease port allows for easy maintenance, without the need for disassembly.


  • Four sealed bearings per pedal to prevent water ingress
  • Slim, lightweight concave platform
  • 20 pins per pedal for claw-like grip
  • Unique hexagonal pin design for enhanced grip
  • Angled fore and aft pins to prevent sliding
  • Durable Cro-Mo steel axle
  • Tough 6061 aluminium
  • Standard 9/16-inch pedal thread
  • Hidden grease port for simple maintenance
  • Large 101x114mm platform
  • Manufacturer claimed weight of just 355 grams per pair

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