Redshift Sports Dual Position Seatpost

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Redshift Sports
Dual Position Seatpost

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With the Redshift Sports Dual Position Seatpost, you needn't make any compromises and can switch between a normal road riding position and a true aero position on-the-fly.

When using aerobars, this seat post addresses the need to sit further forward, so you can get into a position that utilises all your power while remaining comfortable.

Redshift Sports Dual Position Seatpost

Get into a true aero position on your road bike with the Redshift Sports Dual Position Seatpost. By fixing your saddle in the correct position when using aero bars, you'll be able to put more power through the pedals, and the linkage design makes it quick and seamless to switch between the road and aero position while riding. This same design will ensure that your correct leg extension is retained in both positions. Suited to seatposts with a diameter of 27.2mm, this post is legal in Ironmans and USAT non-drafting triathlons so you can take advantage of the benefits in almost any race.


  • Linkage design lets you switch between road and aero positions seamlessly on-the-fly while riding - choose the best position for every single climb, flat, or descent
  • Linkage design maintains proper leg extension in both road and aero positions
  • Saddle moves forward 50mm, corresponding to approximately 4 degrees of effective seat tube angle change
  • Aero road riding position optimised for proper handling on a road bike
  • Simple, durable two-bolt saddle clamp allows infinite saddle tilt adjustment and reliable clamping
  • 16mm rearward setback (road position)
  • Legal for use in all Ironman and USAT non-drafting triathlons (the vast majority of amateur triathlons worldwide)
  • Weight: 400 grams
  • Seatpost diameter: 27.2mm
  • Seatpost length: 350mm (bottom to clamp centerline)
  • Minimum insertion: 75mm
  • Rearward offset: Road position - 16mm / Forward offset: Aero Position - 34mm (post centerline to clamp centerline)
  • Total travel: Road to aero position: 50mm (3-4 degrees effective seat tube angle change)
  • Saddle rail compatibility: Standard 7mm round saddle rails only
  • Material: Linkages and saddle clamps - 7075 T6 aluminium / aluminium post - 6061 T6 aluminium
  • Rider weight limit: 115kg (250 lb)
  • Saddle is available to purchase separately

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