Reserve Fillmore 50mm Valve Kit

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Fillmore 50mm Valve Kit

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Reserve Fillmore 50mm Valve Kit

Fillmore 50mm valve (2pcs) "Say goodbye to the frustrating and delicate valve cores of traditional tubeless setups with the Design and Innovation Award Winner Reserve Fillmore 50mm Valve, the game-changing leap forward in tubeless technology. The patented high-flow design makes tubeless set up easier than ever before, allowing you to effortlessly inflate your tires with three times the airflow of a Presta valve.
Not only does the Fillmore Valve make inflating your tires a breeze, but it also features a Micro-Adjust feature that allows you to perfectly dial in your tire pressure. With the ability to make trailside pressure adjustments with ease, you'll be able to maintain optimal performance no matter where your ride takes you.
And that's not all. The Fillmore Valve features a self-clearing poppet that eliminates clogging caused by sealant build-up. Its compatibility with tire inserts allows for free-flowing inflation no matter what, so you can ride with peace of mind knowing that your tires are performing at their best.
Sold as a pair, the Fillmore Valve comes in three lengths to suit different rim depths: 50mm for 18 to 28mm rim depths, 70mm for 30 to 48mm rim depths, and 90mm for 48 to 68mm rim depths. And with a lifetime guarantee you can be confident that you're making a sound investment in your bike's performance.


  • High Flow: 3X air flow makes seating tires a snap
  • No Clog: Eliminates clogging and busts through dry sealant
  • Micro-Adjust: Airs down to the perfectly dialled tire pressure
  • Direct-Inject: Coreless design for no-fuss injection of sealant

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