Restrap Bar Pack

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Bar Pack

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Restrap Bar Pack

The Restrap Bar Pack is a robust, sturdy and voluminous handlebar bag ideal for longer two-wheeled adventures, commuting and even trips to the shops. Made from tough, 100% waterproof, textured nylon, this pack is split into two storage compartments to help organise luggage within its ten litre capacity. The main compartment is nylon lined to increase durability and has a roll-top closure to completely stop rain from seeping through to the contents. The smaller front compartment is perfect for holding valuables and is closed by a Hypalon strap that doubles as a front light mounting point. Space between the compartments can be used to securely store a mini D-lock.

Internal stiffeners and a hard shell back afford structural integrity to the pack, while adjustable handlebar and head tube straps securely hold everything in place, even when riding over rough ground. An elasticated drawcord completes the design, granting on-the-go storage for gloves, jackets and maps.


  • A sturdy, capacious and hard-wearing handlebar bag ideal for longer adventures, audaxes and commutes
  • The main body of the pack is made from tough, 100% waterproof textured nylon
  • Hard-wearing nylon lining
  • Two fully waterproof top compartments provide 10 litres of storage space
  • The larger main compartment has a roll-top, waterproof closure
  • The smaller compartment is closed with a fold-over Hypalon strap that also acts as a mounting point for a front light
  • A mini D-lock holster sits between the two storage compartments
  • An internal stiffener and hard shell back help the pack retain its shape
  • Sturdy straps with foam spacers and spring-loaded cam locks attach the pack securely to the handlebars
  • The MOLLE headtube strap increases stability
  • An elasticated drawcord is positioned on the top of the pack
  • Handmade in Yorkshire
  • Manufacturer claimed weight: 585 grams
  • Dimensions: 290mm (W) x 230mm (H) x 160mm (D)
  • Capacity: 10 litres

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