Restrap Saddle Bag 14L

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Saddle Bag 14L

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Strong, tough, and more than enough storage for the rider packing light and riding far, the Restrap Saddle Bag 14L is a road proven design that's overcome the challenges posed by races such as the Transcontinental.

With a wide frame compatibility and easy fitment, this 640 gram, made in Yorkshire 1000D Cordura saddle pack offers use with 14L of storage for lightweight items needed when out on the road.

Restrap Saddle Bag 14L 

Restrap is a young brand, but they certainly know how to make it capable of standing up to the elements, and the Great British outdoors. Made in Yorkshire, and built to last, the Restrap Saddle Bag 14L is a high-quality, lightweight option that allows you to bring more with you on your ride, opening up those long audaxes, light bike packing adventures or daily dashes, this saddle bag offers you more for riding without limits.

Weighing just 640 grams, the key benefit of Restrap's design is the sheer level of adaptability it provides you with. With the hard external holster offering sufficient space for a 14-litre dry bag, as supplied, you can fill this holster either to capacity, or, underfill when your needs aren't quite so extensive. External webbing allows for increased capacity, you can be sure to add that extra jacket or item at the last moment when things get a little hot under the collar.

Compatible with frames that allow more than 15cm of clearance between the rear of the saddle and the rear tyre, this saddle bag was designed specifically for on the road and off the map practicality. Tested out over the course of the 2015 Transcontinental Race, this is a supremely strong choice thanks in no small part to its 1000D Cordura exterior, offering a water-resistant and abrasion-resistant outer layer. Coupled with the 14L dry bag, you can be sure of getting to your destination with all your critical items neatly dry and in working order.

Please note, we do not advise use of this saddlebag with carbon seatposts for cosmetic reasons.


  • Material construction: Military grade 1000D cordura
  • Nylon webbing for superb resistance
  • Hard exterior for utility
  • Supplied with a 14-litre drybag
  • Weight: 640g
  • Made by hand in Yorkshire, UK
  • Easy fitment
  • Wide frame compatibility
  • Magnetic buckle fixing system
  • Designed for bike packing, touring or audaxing
  • Compatible with dry bags up to 14 litres
  • Compatible with frames with more than 10cm of visible seatpost
  • Compatible with bikes offering more than 15cm clearance between saddle and tyre
  • Designed for use as part of the Transcontinental 2015 Bike Race

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