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Roval Rapide CLX Disc Wheelset

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Roval Rapide CLX Disc Wheelset

The Roval Rapide CLX Disc Wheelset possesses a potent blend of World Time Trail Championship winning rim profiles and Grand Tour mountain conquering low weight to afford any rider increased velocity across a full scope of topography. Equally at home when lining out the peloton across the plains or when punching up ascents the Rapide CLX will deliver with consummate ease.

The rims comprise an ultra-light carbon and are realised with front and rear-specific depths and profiles. The front wheel has a rim depth of 51mm and a width of 35mm and these measurements, when combined with the blunt cross-sectional profile, reduce drag and increase crosswind stability. The rear rim is slightly deeper and narrower with this silhouette promoting an optimum aerodynamic performance within the churned airflow at the rear of the bike.

The sophisticated rim profiles are partnered by a broad, 21mm internal rim width. This increased width holds the tyres in a superior fashion, improving their form to decrease drag numbers further, lower rolling resistance, increase comfort and improve cornering grip.

Interestingly, this wheelset is only compatible with clincher tyres and standard inner tubes, with no tubeless tyre compatibility. This decision has been taken by Roval to allow the execution of the lightest and fastest rim and tyre combination possible. This concept wouldn’t have been viable with the extra layers of carbon required to combat the increased forces involved with a tubeless tyre set up.

The rims are complemented perfectly by the AeroFlange hubs. These hubs are sculpted to lower drag but also feature flanges that optimise the spoke bracing angles for a torsionally stiffer build.

The low weight but high rider weight limit of 109kg allows the Rapide CLX to bring its increased performance to a vast spectrum of riders.


  • Rim Type: Carbon, clincher (tube-type)
  • Rim Material: Carbon
  • Braking Surface: Disc brake only
  • Front Wheel Rim Depth: 51mm
  • Rear Wheel Rim Depth: 60mm
  • Front Wheel Rim Width: 21mm internal, 35mm external
  • Rear Wheel Rim Width: 21mm internal, 30mm external
  • Front Wheel Spoke Pattern: Radial/Two-cross (2:1)
  • Rear Wheel Spoke Pattern: One cross/Two-cross (2:1)
  • Front Wheel Spoke Count: 18
  • Rear Wheel Spoke Count: 24
  • Spoke Type: DT Swiss Aerolite T-head
  • Nipple Type: DT Swiss Pro Lock hexagonal
  • Front Hub: Roval AeroFlange Disc, Centre Lock, Sealed Cartridge bearings
  • Rear Hub: Roval AeroFlange Disc, Center Lock, Sealed Cartridge bearings, DT Swiss EXP internals, HG Freehub, 142x12mm thru-axle compatible
  • Assembly Method: Hand-built
  • No Fault crash replacement policy
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Manufacturer claimed weight: Front: 649 grams / Rear: 751 grams / Total: 1400 grams
  • Please note: These wheels can’t be used in a tubeless tyre setup. Only clincher tyres with inner tubes are compatible

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