SaltStick 100 Electrolyte Capsules

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100 Electrolyte Capsules

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SaltStick Electrolyte Capsules are perfect for endurance athletes looking to stay hydrated over the coming season.

This 100 capsule jar contains all you need to replace essential minerals lost during exercise through perspiration. The replenishment of these minerals keeps your muscles and working efficiently while also improving the uptake of fluids.

SaltStick 100 Electrolyte Capsules

Jar of 100 SaltStick capsules for loading into your dispenser

SaltStick electrolytes are used by endurance sports athletes to avoid cramps and to improve the uptake of fluid.


  • 215mg sodium
  • 63mg potassium
  • 11mg magnesium
  • 22 mg calcium plus 100 IU Vitamin D

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