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Shimano XTR RD-M9100 12-Speed Rear Derailleur GS Medium Cage

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XTR RD-M9100 12-Speed Rear Derailleur GS Medium Cage

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Shimano XTR RD-M9100 12-Speed Rear Derailleur GS Medium Cage

A top-of-the-range offering from Shimano, the XTR RD-M9100 12-Speed Rear Derailleur with a GS Medium Cage is the ideal addition to the performance mountain bike, giving outstanding gear shifting and durability through all trail conditions.

Featuring a Shadow Plus design format, this rear derailleur possesses a super low profile and is lightweight. The optimally aligned slant angle of the design works in unison with the strong return spring to gift a super light but precise and positive gear shift action. The Shadow Plus configuration also features a stabilising switch that, when enabled, cancels chain bounce over rough terrain to grant more efficient drive and stable gear changes.

The pulley cage uses two materials; carbon fibre for the outer plate to save weight and aluminium for the inner plate to increase rigidity and guarantee crisp actuation. This cage houses oversized 13 tooth pulley wheels with sealed bearings that prevent high chain tension in all gear ratios and reduce drivetrain friction markedly.

Designed specifically for use with XTR M9100 1 x 12-speed gear setups, this rear derailleur can cope with sprocket sizes of up to 45T and has a capacity of 35 teeth.


  • A Shadow Plus 12-speed rear derailleur that offers the ultimate in shifting performance and durability
  • Shadow Plus features a super low profile design and optimised slant angle for super light shifting action
  • Shadow Plus uses a chain stabilising switch that when on will reduce chain bounce on rough terrain
  • Single tension spring prevents contact with the chainstay, resulting in a silent ride
  • Rubber bumper on pulley cage acts as a noise dampener
  • 13T pulleys and decreased derailleur tension prevent high chain tension in low gears
  • Direct cable routing prevents snagging from any trail side hazards
  • Full carbon fibre outer pulley cage saves weight while alloy inner cage increases rigidity
  • Cold forged wide alloy links and pivot body
  • Four fluorine-coated link pin bushings
  • Strong return spring for a positive shifting feel
  • Specifically designed to work with XTR M9100 12-speed 1x drivetrains
  • Durable sealed pulley bearings for low friction
  • Top normal spring uses the spring to select higher gears
  • Maximum low sprocket: 45T (1x 12-speed)
  • 35T capacity SGS cage
  • Manufacturer claimed weight: 237 grams

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