Silca Pista Floor Pump

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Pista Floor Pump

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The original limited edition Silca Pista Floor Pump has had some updates and is now a permanent addition to the brand's track pump line-up.

A compact ash wood handle is comfortable during use and the gauge has been improved for higher precision and more accurate inflation. Compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves, the durable steel barrel and general construction make this a bike pump that will last for years to come.

Silca Pista Floor Pump

Silca's Pista Floor Pump incorporates all the qualities of the original bike pump, one chosen by mechanics around the world, but includes updates for improved performance and ease of use. Silca is renowned for their premium products and the Pista is at the top of their range, with the sleek aesthetics to match its high-end construction.

The steel barrel and piston shaft have been upgraded in quality and are durable, strong and built to last year after year. The compact handle is now constructed from ash wood and is exceptionally comfortable during use. The long filler hose has an integrated Schrader chuck and there's a push-on alloy Presta chuck making this a highly versatile option for all tyre inflation.


  • Durable, high strength steel barrel
  • Compact ash wood handle with hose guides
  • High efficiency Silca leather plunger piston design
  • Brass check-valve assembly
  • Long filler hose with integrated Schrader chuck
  • Push on alloy Presta chuck with bleeder valve
  • Rated to 220psi

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