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Silca Pocket Impero Mini Pump

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The Silca Pocket Impero Mini Pump offers the highest level of quality with an attention to detail that is unrivalled.

Designed to perfectly fit in a jersey pocket, the Impero Mini Pump has a full CNC head and mirror honed internals that optimises pumping efficiency to the highest level ever seen in a bike mini pump.

Silca Pocket Impero Mini Pump

For riders who demand the best equipment, especially when they get stuck in a roadside jam, the Silca Pocket Impero Mini Pump is as good as it gets. Engineered to be the most efficient, long-lasting and easy to use bike pump on the market, the Silca Pocket Impero Mini-Pump is the pinnacle of mini-pump performance.

The pumping efficiency starts with the full CNC aluminium pump head. This is coupled with a brass check valve and steam formed 3-millimetre thick leather gasket. All of these provide the perfect seal around your tube's valve, while also ensuring that air is efficiently transferred into your tube.

Silca does not like to overlook any detail in the design and testing of their products. This is why they have included their Slide-Lock Silicone Insulating Sleeve which acts to both make the pump easier to grip while also protecting your hands from heat build-up when pumping at high pressures. When you are done pumping, the sleeve slides back up into place, locking your pump for storage in a jersey pocket.

Inside, the pump mirror honed internals allow for the highest pumping efficiency and lowest stroke count of any mini pump ever tested by BikeRadar. As a result, you need fewer strokes to fully inflate your tyres, so you can get back on the road faster.


  • Construction: Full Metal with Leather Plunger and Silicone Insulating Sleeve
  • Length: 20.3cm / 8 inches
  • Weight: 150g / 5.3 oz
  • Pressure at 200 strokes (BikeRadar protocol): 89psi
  • Warranty: Silca Shield, 25 year hard parts warranty
  • Unique Slide-Lock Silicone Insulating sleeve for better grip
  • Mirror honed internals for greater pumping efficiency
  • CNC aluminium head
  • Compatible with Presta valves

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