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Smith Overtake MIPS Helmet

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The Smith Overtake MIPS Helmet is a premium performance road helmet that allows the rider looking for a supremely protective, fast, and well-ventilated helmet in which to cover new ground.

Boasting an innovative tubed shell construction that channels air directly to your head, this helmet is designed for the very best responsive performance possible.

Smith Overtake MIPS Helmet

Engineered for the future and providing you with performance gains today, the Smith Overtake MIPS Helmet is a top of the range premium helmet that allows the rider a supremely breathable whilst impressively solid construction that uses the very latest in safety technology to assure you of the best possible performing helmet possible.

Most notable in this helmet is perhaps it's lightweight Aerocore In-Mold Construction. Featuring a shell of honeycombed tubes composed of Smith's patented Koroyd Material, this helmet channels airflow directly through the external shell, affording a more comfortable helmet for high summer cycling. With 21 vents around the helmet and this innovative airflow technology guiding air, this helmet goes further by providing the rider with a Reactive Cooling Performance Lining to assure them of optimal moisture management.

This Aerocore tube construction doesn't just lay the basis of their ventilation though - it forms a supremely strong internal shell for the rider concerned about safety at ever higher speeds. Super strong and dissipating pressure evenly, this structure is truly innovative in the realm of helmet construction, allowing for a dynamic and versatile construction. Protection though doesn't stop here. Benefitting from the latest MIPS protection, this helmet protects from lateral and rotational impacts by integrating and engineering a degree of slip into its core construction.

Fit and aerodynamics guaranteed by means of Smith's VaporFit Adjustable Fit System, this helmet provides a simple dial system to secure a supreme fit whilst also allowing for a seamless Smith Sunglasses Integration. Aerodynamically profiled and conceived to equip the rider to face the future of road riding, the Overtake is a top performing helmet for the dedicated road rider.


  • Lightweight Aerocore™ in-mould construction
  • Ventilated protection featuring patented Koroyd material
  • Integrated skeletal structure and carbon fibre reinforcements
  • VaporFit™ adjustable fit system
  • 21 Optimised vents balance aerodynamic performance without compromising ventilation
  • X-Static with reactive cooling performance lining
  • Ultra-Light single layer webbing
  • AirEvac ventilation
  • Ultimate sunglass integration
  • MIPS equipped helmet
  • 274 grams
Please note: Unless otherwise stated, all bicycle helmets sold on are certified with a European CE EN1078 standard. Specific countries may have their own certification, which is legally required. Please check your specific country requirements.

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