Spatz Glovz

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Comfort, versatility and protection were all top priorities when designing the Spatz Glovz.

The fabric is stretchy and soft against the skin and an additional 'fold-out' shell blocks the wind further in more extreme conditions. The gloves are grippy and reinforced in both the area of the ulnar nerve and areas of high wear and the E-touch fingers and fold-back index finger ensure you're able to use your phone and touchscreen computer.

Spatz Glovz

Incredibly comfortable and just as protective, the Spatz Glovz is a versatile glove that'll keep your hands warm and fully functioning but have features to limit overheating, too. The main material of the gloves is super stretchy with a warm fleece lining, and there's an additional 'fold-out' shell for when the elements are at their worst. The shell tucks away neatly when not in use. The cuff is long for extra coverage of your wrists, and there are toughened areas - over the ulnar nerve for extra protection, and on areas of high wear - the thumb and first three fingers.

There will be times when you need to use your phone or touchscreen computer and the E-touch fingers allow you to do so without letting cold air in. However, if you find it easier, you can actually fold back the index finger. Epoxy gel grippers on the palm, thumb and index finger ensure good traction in all conditions. Reflective strips across the back of the hand add visibility when the light is low.


  • Premium four-way stretch material with a soft fleecy lining
  • Feature an extra, wind blocking "fold-out" shell which neatly folds away into a hidden pocket on the back of your hand
  • Cuff is cut extra long to help to insulate those valuable blood vessels in your wrists and ensure the blood reaches your fingers as warm as it should
  • E-touch fingers work with your phone/computer with an additional "peepy index finger hole" for when you need better access
  • Tough, grippy epoxy gel grippers on the palm, thumb and index finger for excellent grip, feel and dexterity
  • Toughened areas on the pad covering the ulnar nerve, and on the thumb and first three fingers - areas which wear faster than others
  • Reflective strip across the back of the glove adds visibility

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