Spatz Heatr Head Warmer

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Heatr Head Warmer

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Heatr Headwamer

The Spatz Heatr Headwarmer is the ultimate solution to cold weather cycling headwear woes. Designed to seamlessly complement modern cycle helmets, it strikes the perfect balance between warmth, comfort, and versatility. The headband section keeps you cozy and wicks away moisture discreetly beneath your helmet without impeding hearing. It cleverly transitions from headband to neck warmer effortlessly, ensuring you stay warm without helmet removal. The stretchy, seamless fabric allows multiple configurations, covering various parts of your face while keeping your ears snug. The rear maintains freedom of neck movement while the front offers extra warmth to shield against biting winds. The breathable mouth and nose area ensure easy breathing and rapid drying. The Heatr Head Warmer adapts to your needs, serving as a full head warmer, headband, neck warmer, and more, all without seams to create pressure points.


  • Manufactured with seamless technology
  • Each panel has a specific weave, texture and thickness to offer qualities such as warmth, support, articulation and moisture transport
  • Can be worn as a full head warmer with only the eye area open to the cold, a head warmer with eyes and nose exposed to the cold, a head warmer with eyes, nose and mouth exposed but chin covered, a head warmer with the full face exposed (but ears protected), a neck warmer or a head band

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