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Specialized S-Works Vent Evo MTB Shoes


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Specialized S-Works Vent Evo MTB Shoes

The S-Works Vent Evo MTB Shoes bring together Specialized’s Body Geometry design and Vent technology for incredible performance and breathability off-road, whether gravel racing or cross-country riding.

Advanced engineered mesh in the toe box, tongue, and medial panel allow air to flow through the shoe from front to back for better cooling and temperature regulation, with the layer of Dyneema mesh ensuring that the foot is held securely and comfortably for better pedalling efficiency. 

Specialized’s much-vaunted Body Geometry design uses a Longitudinal Arch, Metatarsal Button and Varus Wedge to maximise efficiency whilst reducing the chance of injury by optimising hip, knee, and foot alignment throughout the pedal stroke. With a stiffness index of 13.0 and a FACT Powerline carbon plate, any pressure on the pedals results in instant acceleration and the PadLock heel design locks the heel in place for proven performance benefits.

Two alloy BOA S3-Snap dials allow for quick adjustments on the move and spread the pressure out over the foot to reduce numbness. The sole unit has SlipNot rubber lugs for grip when off the bike and if conditions are really slippery then the removable toe studs add extra traction at the front of the shoe. 


  • Built with Purpose. Backed by Science. The Body Geometry trio of the Longitudinal Arch, Metatarsal Button, and Varus Wedge work together to increase efficiency, optimise hip, knee, and foot alignment, and reduce injury risks
  • The Vented Mouthport toe box pulls air in through the front of the shoe and channels it around the feet
  • The entirely new engineered mesh upper and tongue let air flow freely throughout the shoe—aiding in both cooling and sweat evaporation
  • A layer of Dyneema® Mesh to keeps a strong hold of the foot, ensuring pro-proven power transfer
  • The stiffest and lightest XC FACT carbon plate maximises power transfer: Stiffness Index 13.0
  • For power transfer, the PadLock™ heel construction cradles the heel to ensure optimal power transfer. In fact, it’s been scientifically proven to improve acceleration
  • Two independent, alloy BOA® S3-Snap dials backed by the BOA® Lifetime Guarantee to fine-tune the level of foot-hold on-the-fly
  • Titanium alloy cleat nuts can rotate to position pedal/cleats 5mm rearward
  • SlipNot™ rubber heel and toe tread for confident traction on all terrain with removable toe studs
  • Two-bolt cleat pattern fits all major MTB pedals
  • Manufacturer’s claimed weight: 300 grams (1/2 pair, Size 42)

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