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Speedo Teamster Rucksack 35L

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With a quality construction, this is a great option for frequent pool goers; the Speedo Teamster Rucksack 35L is designed for the committed swimmer.

Combining a laptop sleeve with a number of sealed zip compartments, this 35 litre rucksack provides a large capacity alongside a practical usability. A pull out bleacher seat offers a dry place to sit in the changing rooms, and this bag even goes so far as to include an internal dirtbag for wet storage.

Speedo Teamster Rucksack 35L

Offering space, storage and secure transport for your pool gear, the Speedo Teamster Rucksack 35L is a comprehensive rear pack that neatly wraps up your electricals as well as your essentials as you take a dip. An included laptop sleeve offers a padded and protective cover as you make your way to the pool, or simply navigate the changing rooms.

With a pull-out bleacher seat offering you a dry spot on often wet benches, this backpack delivers great practicality and usability for the pool going regular. A removable "dirtbag" provides a safe wet storage space inside of the bag, or outside, via a handy external clip. With YKK zippers offering reliable closure, this bag has a side pocket space for a bottle whilst also maintaining a number of zipped, sealed compartments in order that you can keep your kit with you as you train.


  • Pull out bleacher seat - A novel bleacher seat that rests behind the laptop sleeve and provides an instant cushioned, dry place to sit
  • Dirt bag – can be clipped on pack exterior
  • Laptop sleeve - Offset raised laptop sleeve to protect corners
  • Removeable dirt bag - keeps wet and dirty items away from electronics and clean clothes
  • YKK® zips
  • Capacity: 35 litres

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