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Stryd Running Power Meter Footpod

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Running Power Meter Footpod

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The Stryd Power Meter Footpod will enhance your runs, providing data to help you train more efficiently and effectively be that on the treadmill, roads, trails or track.

The latest features include wind detection so you can better measure your efforts, taking into account the wind direction. The pod has a long battery life and can be paired to your sports watch via ANT+ or Bluetooth, and the compact unit weighs a mere 8 grams.

Stryd Running Power Meter Footpod

Reach your running potential with the Stryd Power Meter Footpod. It's the most advanced wearable technology available to runners and measures a range of metrics so you can focus your training and pace yourself come race day. The Stryd is extremely accurate, even more so than a GPS watch when it comes to pace and distance so you'll be able to rely fully on the results.

The compact size and low weight of just 8 grams ensure you won't feel it when attached to your shoe and the construction is splash-proof for reliability even on wet days. With ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity you'll be able to integrate the Stryd into your training ecosystem and it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

6 Months Free Stryd Membership

All purchases of Stryd Power Meter Footpods through Sigma Sports are eligible for a free six month period of Stryd membership. To take advantage of this offer, proof of purchase needs to be emailed to support@stryd.com. Stryd will then provide an activation code for the six months of free membership.


  • Metrics measured: Power, Form Power, Leg Spring Stiffness, Ground Time, Vertical Oscillation, Cadence, Pace, Distance
  • Wind detection means you can measure effort when running into a headwind or with a tailwind
  • Extensive compatibility: Pair Stryd with your sports watch ecosystem - Garmin, Apple Watch, Polar, Suunto, Android, iOS via ANT+ and Bluetooth
  • Industry-leading pace and distance accuracy that exceeds the precision of GPS
  • Supports indoor and outdoor running environments - treadmill, track, road and trail
  • Splashproof so it's safe to use in the rain
  • Battery life: 20 hours of running
  • Manufacturer claimed weight: 8 grams

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