THM Clavicula SE Carbon Chainset

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Clavicula SE Carbon Chainset

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Elite engineering with enhanced and refined material composition, the THM Clavicula SE Carbon Chainset is a true paragon of performance.

The choice of pro-athletes since the dawning days of the brand, this chainset is supremely strong and light, thanks in no small part to the cutting edge carbon fibre weave. Engineered by hand in Germany, you can be assured of the most exacting standards possible, and the best performance imaginable on your ride.

THM Clavicula SE Carbon Chainset

Quite simply the best a chainset could be, the THM Clavicula SE Carbon Chainset is designed from first to last in order to provide you with the strongest, most powerful and direct transmission of your power, without compromising the immense strength and rigidity of this premium and elite option. The product of over 25 years of experience and knowledge at the highest level of cycling, THM once again have brought their aerospace know-how to the world of elite bike racing.

Engineered with precision in Germany, the crank of this chainset is made entirely from carbon fibre for the best relation of stiffness to weight. Crank arms made to effectively commit your pedalling effort to the road without flex, movement or tremor, you can be sure to push onwards with a better than ever response and efficiency at the heart of your riding experience.

Exacting detail assessed at every single juncture assuring you of the real-world performance gains, the crankset features aligned fibres in the internal and external splines, reducing wear to near zero and boosting the longevity of this crank, as well as the supreme structural integrity. A Q-factor of 148mm and coupled with THM-Carbones recommended Praxis Works chainrings (available separately), this chainset is made to fit any frame with a standard 68mm BSA shell.

Available in compact or standard formats, this is a top strength option for riders looking to benefit from nothing but the best on their ride. Weighing an incredible 302 grams only in the heavier standard edition, and just 293 grams in the compact edition, this chainset is sure to provide superior performance on the road.


  • Weight: around 302 grams (0.67 lb) for standard cranksets and about 293 grams (0.65 lb) for compact options
  • Compatibility: Fits any frame with standard 68 mm BSA shell
  • Chainrings: THM-Carbones recommend Carbon-Ti chainrings (12s), not included
  • Full carbon fibre crank
  • Fibres of the internal and external splines reduces wear to near zero and eliminates noise
  • Q-Factor: 148 mm
  • Chainline: 43.5 mm
  • Inner width of the cranks: 118 mm
  • Available lengths: 170, 172.5 or 175 mm
  • Max. permissible total weight: (rider+bicycle+luggage) 110 kg

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