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TORQ Hypotonic Electrolyte Plus Single Serving

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Torq has produced one of the best hydration products on the market with the Hypotonic Electrolyte Plus, available here in a handy single serving sachet.

Portable and easy to mix with 500ml of water, it contains 15 grams of carbohydrate which rapidly increases fluid absorption while providing a pleasant, natural taste.

Torq Hypotonic Electrolyte Plus Single Serving

Use the Torq Hypotonic Electrolyte Plus for situations where hydration is more important than fuelling. This handy single serving sachet is highly portable and can be added to 500ml of water without fuss, to create a great tasting hydration product with a light mouthfeel.

The five key electrolytes are absorbed quickly thanks to the 15 grams of carbohydrate included in the powder. By adding this small dose of carbohydrates, Torq has eliminated the need for artificial sweeteners, which some people find upsetting on the stomach. The naturally sweet flavour is subtle and doesn't dominate.

This product is ideal for exercise sessions that last up to an hour such as a turbo session, spin class or short run. For anything longer than that, Torq recommends fuelling with more carbohydrates.


  • 18 grams of powder mixes with 500ml of water
  • Convenient single serving sachet
  • Contains 15 grams of carbohydrate to rapidly increase fluid absorption
  • Ideal for situations where hydration is more important than fuelling (up to an hour of exercise)
  • Light mouthfeel
  • Contains five key electrolytes
  • Fastest possible hydration
  • Superior to electrolyte tablets

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