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Vittoria Peyote Race MTB Tyre

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Peyote Race MTB Tyre

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Vittoria Peyote Race MTB Tyre

The Peyote tyre is tailored for hardpack to finely loose terrain, catering to dedicated racers seeking the ultimate competitive edge. Telemetry findings positioned the Peyote as the fastest in its class, outpacing the closest competitor from Brand-A by up to 4%, while field tests revealed unmatched agility and real-world speed without compromise.

The Peyote introduces a revolutionary tread pattern positioned between Terreno and Mezcal, enhancing speed and grip with a low-profile alternating centre ribbon. The familiar Vittoria v-formation enables the tyre to navigate through loose terrain for traction while expelling debris laterally. The alternating mid-tread transitions to capable cornering tread, delivering responsive handling and a predictable feel. These characteristics enhance cornering performance by aligning effective edges directly against cornering forces, regardless of lean or cornering angles.

Utilising the new Race Formulation, which incorporates Graphene and Silica, the Peyote offers increased wet grip and suppleness, along with a 60TPI tubeless-ready casing to optimise deformation. This combination not only reduces rider fatigue but also enhances race-day reliability.

The new Peyote Tread demonstrates a 6% improvement when combined with this new casing and compound. In practical terms, this translates to a Peyote rider gaining an average speed increase of 0.75 km/hr. over the course of a typical XC race. These advantages are complemented by an 11% increase in grip, especially in wet conditions, and enhanced durability of the new casing without compromising dependability.


  • Material: 60 TPI Nylon Casing
  • Compound: Race Formulation Graphene + Silica
  • Discipline: XC
  • Construction: Tubeless

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