Vivobarefoot Gobi III Shoes

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Gobi III Shoes

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Vivobarefoot Gobi III Shoes

Vivobarefoot's Gobi III Shoes give you the feel of barefoot living, with a thin, wide and flexible design to encourage healthy foot spread, natural stability and natural movement. 

The Lifestyle Sole is just 4mm thick and creates a strong connection between foot and ground, while a 3mm EVA insole topped with antibacterial cork gives just a touch of shock absorption and keeps the shoes feeling fresh for longer. 

Constructed from renewable natural materials and designed to be remade and reworn once their life is over, these shoes are a more environmentally friendly choice.


  • Foot shaped (not shoe shaped), to let your feet do their natural thing
  • Wide to allow for natural stability
  • Thin to enable you to feel more
  • Flexible to enable natural movement
  • Lifestyle Sole offers maximum underfoot sensory feedback. The 4mm thin sole with signature hexagon footprint design provides all day connection to your urban environment
  • Lightweight 3mm EVA insole made with sugar cane with an antibacterial cork topper
  • Organic cotton laces
  • Handcrafted in Porto, Portugal
  • Made from renewable natural materials
  • Made for feet, not landfill. These were designed to be remade and reworn. When you are finished with them please send to

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