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Customise and improve your indoor riding experience with the Wahoo AXIS Feet, a handy accessory to help you get the most out of your turbo trainer. 

Designed to be fitted onto any generation of KICKR Smart Turbo Trainer, the addition of these feet will provide you with an even more realistic feel thanks to the five degrees of side-to-side movement they deliver. Three stiffness options - stiff, medium and easy - mean you can perfectly match your weight, riding style and the ride feel you wish to achieve. The use of these AXIS feet will also minimise pressure on bike touchpoints, in turn reducing fatigue so you can train harder and longer, making the most of every indoor session. 

In the box

  • Rear AXIS foot
  • (2) AXIS Outrigger feet with mid-caps installed
  • (2) Outrigger bolts for K14, K16, K17
  • Front AXIS foot
  • (2) AXIS Stiff and Easy Feet
  • (2) M4x10 bolts to install rear foot


  • KICKR's AXIS feet mimic the side-to-side movement experienced riding outdoors, and the bike responds more naturally to tempo and body position changes
  • Three different feet options (stiff-action, medium-action and easy-action) with up to five degrees of movement allow you to truly personalise your experience
  • The side-to-side movement experienced with KICKR AXIS feet allow the body to engage and recruit the stabilising muscles attributed to the biomechanics behind proper form and effective training
  • They minimise pressure on your touchpoints with the bike to reduce fatigue
  • Easy to install and alternate between stiffness options when you are looking to modify your ride feel
  • KICKR AXIS feet are backwards compatible with all versions of the KICKR Smart Trainer
  • Maximum user weight: 114kg / 250lbs
  • Product dimensions: 22cm x 13.5cm x 7cm / 8.7" x 5.3" x 2.75"
  • Please note: KICKR AXIS feet are NOT compatible with KICKR CORE and KICK SNAP

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