Wahoo Speedplay Zero Pedals (53mm Spindle)

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Speedplay Zero Pedals (53mm Spindle)

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Wahoo Speedplay Zero Pedals with 53mm Spindle

Amalgamating durable but light pedal bodies, stainless steel axles and triple-sealed bearings within a refined design, the Wahoo Speedplay Zero Pedals with 53mm spindle afford vast adjustability and improved power transfer.

The pedals and cleats form a solid connection and this combines with a best-in-class stack height to increase pedalling fluidity and efficiency, helping the rider maximise their training and racing performances. The lower stack height also opens up the opportunity for realising a more aerodynamic position on the bike, which is particularly appealing when competing in time trials and triathlons.

The innovative cleat system provides three-axis adjustability with the fore/aft, left/right and rotational positioning able to be independently altered with great precision. In addition, the cleats also allow 0-15° of float to complete a format that will enable an accurate, personalised bike fit to be achieved with minimal fuss.

The slimmer profile of the pedals and cleats gives excellent cornering clearance, while the dual-sided entry system eases clipping in at traffic lights and junctions. The package is completed with rubberised cleat surrounds that lower aerodynamic drag and provide grip when walking.


  • Left and right pedals
  • Standard tension cleats, including the 3 bolt base plate and all cleat surrounds
  • Screw packet
  • Quick start guide
  • Important product information guide


  • A lightweight, dual-sided road bike pedal that boasts exceptional adjustability and power transfer
  • Durable Grivory pedal bodies combine with stainless steel axles and triple-sealed bearings
  • The pedal and cleat interface gives excellent stability for increased power transfer
  • A best-in-class stack height increases connection for a more efficient pedalling action
  • The lower stack height can also reduce a riders drag on the bike
  • Three-axis cleat adjustability allows for independent fore-aft, left-right and rotational alterations
  • 0-15° of float is offered by the cleat for personalised amounts of comfort
  • The slim profile of the system affords increased cornering clearance
  • Dual-sided entry minimises fumbling at traffic lights and junctions when clipping in
  • The low profile cleat and its rubber texture give extra grip when walking off the bike
  • Standard tension cleats are supplied (also compatible with Easy Tension Cleats - available separately)


  • Physical dimensions: 3.9" x 2" x 2"
  • Manufacturer claimed weight: 222 grams per pair
  • Stack height: 11.5mm (with 3 hole base plate) 8.5mm (when the cleat is directly placed on a 4 hole shoe sole)
  • Q Factor: 53mm
  • Body material: Grivory
  • Spindle material: Stainless Steel
  • Bearing type: Triple-sealed cartridge and needle bearings
  • Cornering clearance: 39°
  • Maximum rider weight: No restriction
  • Cleats: Standard tension included
  • Release angle: Micro-adjustable from 0° to 7.5°
  • Pedal float: Adjustable from 0° to 15°
  • Cleat fore-aft adjustability: Up to 13mm
  • Cleat left-right adjustability: Up to 8mm
  • Walkable cleat: Yes (adapter included)

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