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Wend Chain Wax Kit

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Chain Wax Kit

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The Wend Chain Wax Kit was designed to make waxing your chain quick, safe and hassle-free.

Long understood to be the most efficient form of chain lubrication, hot paraffin waxing can be a dangerous, messy and time-consuming affair. With this handy kit, you can benefit from the clean performance of wax lubrication, with the safety and convenience of cold application. The kit includes Wend Wax-Off degreaser, which is specially formulated to remove wax, oil and dirt, as well as a Wend Micro Towel to help get your chain sparkling clean. The Wax-On chain wax has a paraffin based formula that includes zinc and Teflon for further friction reduction.

Wend Chain Wax Kit

Enjoy the benefits of paraffin based lubrication without the messy hassle involved with hot waxing, thanks to the Wend Chain Wax Kit.

Many of those who move to wax never go back, and that move is easier than ever with this handy chain waxing kit from Wend.

Use the Wax-Off Chain Cleaner first, to remove any existing dirt, wax, oil and grit. The penetrating liquid wax additive is a powerful degreaser, and when used with the Wend Micro Towel, it cleans the chain to leave it sparkling and ready for waxing.

Wend Wax-On is a sophisticated paraffin based formula with proprietary friction reducers as well as zinc and Teflon, for even better anti-friction performance. Application is easy and clean; simply apply some wax onto both the top and bottom of the chain rollers, and work it in using your fingers, pinching the wax deep into the rollers, and your chain is race-ready in seconds.


  • Wend Wax-Off Chain Cleaner: Penetrating liquid wax additive that cuts through wax, oil and dirt to leave chain sparkling clean, extending the life of your drivetrain
  • Wend Wax-On Chain Wax: Rub-on wax-based chain lubricant keeps your chain clean while reducing friction for quiet running
  • Wend Micro Towel: Helps remove chain cleaner, grit, excess wax

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