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Wend Wax-On Coloured Chain Lube 80ml

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An innovation in chain lubrication now available in bright colours, Wend Wax-On Coloured Chain Lube 80ml combines personality and performance.

Customise and silence your drive-train the easy way with this cold-applied paraffin-based wax lubricant. The formula is naturally water repellent and won't attract dirt or grime, keeping your drivetrain cleaner for longer.

Wend Wax-On Coloured Chain Lube 80ml

Wend Wax-On Coloured Chain Lube is an exciting new product that combines the benefits of paraffin-based wax lubrication with the simplicity of cold-applied chain lubes, now available in these brightly coloured options.

An efficient chain yields better performance and more enjoyable rider experience. Use Wend Wax-Off to prepare your chain before applying Wax-On in the colour of your choice. Traditional paraffin wax chain lubes require a melting process that was considered time consuming and somewhat dangerous. Wend is cold-applied, leaving your chain ready to ride in a matter of seconds.

The proprietary Wax-On formula is Paraffin based, with added Teflon and Zinc for even further friction reduction, so you can be more efficient than ever. This colourful version of Wax-On adds personality to your chainset in a subtle, cost-effective and non-permanent way. The formula is dirt and grime repellent too, so your chain will stay clean for longer.

Visit our Wend Wax-On article, for more information on how to use for the best results.


  • Rub-on wax-based chain lubricant
  • Unique bright colours add personality to your drive-train
  • Paraffin-based formula with proprietary friction reducers
  • With Teflon and Zinc for further reduction in friction
  • Keeps chain clean while reducing friction
  • Quiet running
  • Contributes to an efficient drive-train, aiding component longevity
  • Easy to apply
  • Please note: Wend Wax-On should be used in conjunction with a Wend Wax-Off cleaned drivetrain, free of dirt and oils

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