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Our Guide to Waxing your Chain with Wend

Cyclists, of all levels, constantly strive for a better performance; from both ourselves and our bicycles. While almost every component of a bike can be upgraded to shave weight or achieve a better aerodynamic profile, one key element to consider, which is often overlooked, is the efficiency of your drivetrain. An efficient chain can yield some impressive watt-saving results while delivering a smoother, more enjoyable riding experience. 

American specialist wax manufacturers, Wend, have focussed their expertise on creating a range of bespoke bicycle chain lubrication products. The results have been game-changing. Here is our guide to waxing your chain with Wend.

Clean Your Chain Thoroughly

Clean Your Chain Thoroughly

A clean bike is a fast bike, and a clean drivetrain is a fast drivetrain. Dirt and grime picked up from the road create friction which impedes optimum power transfer. Use an effective degreaser, such as Wend Wax-Off to remove grime and degrease your chain. 

Simply squeeze a blob of Wend Wax-Off onto a rag, and run your chain through it by back-pedalling your cranks. This product not only degreases and cleans, it also penetrates the rollers with liquid wax, the first step of relubrication. If you have a workstand, it will make the whole process a little easier.

Your chain will come up sparklingly clean, with no dirt or grime to impede power transfer or shifting performance. It is now imperative to lubricate the chain efficiently; and that’s where some serious watt savings can be made.

Lubricate with Wax

Not all lubes are created equal, and test results have show that the very best chain lubricants can yield an efficiency saving of over four watts compared to the least efficient. Consistently, hot paraffin wax has come out on top as the most effective chain lube on test. However, the messy, time consuming, and somewhat dangerous endeavour of melting the wax means the method is not widely used.

Hassle-Free Chain Waxing

Now, there is a cutting edge product available that combines the benefits of hot paraffin wax with the convenience of a standard cold-applied chain lube. Wend Wax-On chain lube is applied directly to the chain while it is still attached to your bike, unlike traditional time-consuming waxing methods. It’s quick and easy, so you’re ready to ride in no time at all...

  1. Twist the knob on the deodorant stick-like application system to expose about two centimetres of the wax, or just over a chain width.
  2. With your chain in the big chainring and a middle cog on the cassette, lay the exposed wax against the inside of the chain and turn the cranks in an anti-clockwise direction to apply the wax to the rollers for about three full chain lengths.
  3. Repeat on the outside of the rollers - there’s no need to apply to the sides of the chain.
  4. For a more thorough application, gently pinch the wax deeper into the rollers. You can use a plastic bag to keep the product off your hands, if you prefer.
  5. You’re ready to ride with a silent, efficient, watt-saving chain.
Wend Waxed Chain and Cassette

Universal Benefits

This innovative new wax lubricant can be applied to any drivetrain; from entry level to top end systems with ceramic bearings and oversized jockey wheels. This means you can benefit from the same improvement in performance regardless of your set up. What’s more, the cost per watt saving represents astounding value compared to other drivetrain upgrades.

Sigma Sports staff member James Nolan has been putting Wend Wax through its paces:

“It makes the drivetrain noticeably smoother and quieter while keeping it super clean compared to traditional lubricants. Pretty much all of the grime on a dirty chain comes from the lube picking up dirt from the road/trails, and Wend doesn't do that. Keeping the drivetrain clean is so much easier. It really is far better than any lube or other wax-based lubricants I've used.”

Cyclists riding in the Surrey Hills

Keep it Clean

Wax doesn’t attract or hold road dirt and grime as readily as traditional lubricants, so your drivetrain stays cleaner for longer. By regularly reapplying, you don’t even need to use the Wax-Off solution; simply wipe the chain down with a rag and reapply Wend Wax-On. The only downside is the product can be washed off in a torrential downpour. Should this happen, you can re-wax your chain at the roadside, using the handy Pocket Pack.

About the Author

  • About Niall: Cycling became more than a method of getting from A to B for Niall when he bought his first road bike over ten years ago. Since then, he's covered thousands of miles in the Surrey countryside and over the water in his native County Dublin.
  • Article Published On: 12 July 2018

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