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Wend Wax-On Wax-Off Colour Pack

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This handy pack from Wend contains their powerful Wax-Off degreaser and primer to get your chain sparklingly clean, ready for a coat of the vibrant Wax-On Colour chain wax to lubricate in its hassle-free, inimitable way.

Pack includes: Wend Wax-Off 120ml | Wend Wax-On Coloured Chain Lube 80ml

Wend Wax-On Wax-Off Colour Pack

The Wend Wax-On Wax-Off Colour Pack has everything you need to get your chain ready for another level of friction-free performance. The powerful Wax-Off degreaser penetrates your rollers and links to remove dirt and grime while providing the perfect pre-waxing lubricated base coat. Once primed, your chain is ready for a coat of Wend Wax-On; this cold applied alternative to hot paraffin wax takes the danger out of waxing your chain while the vibrant colours add personality to your setup. Using these two great products together will save you watts while improving the longevity of your drivetrain.


  • Wend Wax-Off Chain Cleaner: Penetrating liquid wax additive that cuts through wax, oil and dirt to leave chain sparkling clean, extending the life of your drivetrain
  • Wend Wax-On Colour Chain Wax: Rub-on wax-based chain lubricant keeps your chain clean while reducing friction, quiet running, coats your chain with a vibrant colour

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