Wolf Tooth Components 25 mm B-screw

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Wolf Tooth Components
25 mm B-screw

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Product ID: BSCREW25

This 25mm B-screw is required to run Wolf Tooth Component's Giant Cogs.

Allowing the rear derailleur to be adjusted so that the top jockey wheel doesn't rub on the oversized Wolf Tooth sprocket or Giant Cog, this stainless steel screw is essential for efficient riding.

Wolf Tooth Components 25 mm B-screw

The Wolf Tooth Components 25 mm B-screw has been designed for use with oversized sprockets to prevent the top jockey wheel from rubbing on the larger than standard cassette sprocket.

When using Wolftooth's GC sprockets, you may find that the B-screw supplied with the rear derailleur runs out of thread and you will, therefore, require a longer one. Most 40T GC's will need a longer B-screw, while nearly all 42T GC's will require this longer B-screw.

Constructed from a high-quality 18-8 stainless steel, this M4 x 25 mm screw is tough and durable, perfect for the demands of mountain biking. Additionally, when using the GC cogs, Wolf Tooth recommend using the Goatlink for all Shimano rear derailleurs as it would further improve the shifting and the drivetrain's longevity.


  • This is a high quality 18-8 stainless steel M4 x 25 mm screw.

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