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Xendurance Train+ Bundle

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Train+ Bundle
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With the Xendurance Train+ Bundle, you'll have everything you need to tackle your next training block safe in the knowledge that you are training, recovering and improving to the very best of your ability.

Featuring a potent selection of supplements and recovery drinks, as well as a handy drink mixer and a set of ROAM headphones, this is a great value package that delivers a selection of premium products that will have you training effectively for many a ride to come.

Xendurance Train+ Bundle

The Xendurance Train+ bundle contains a premium selection of training supplements, designed to keep you both energised and fuelled during your training as well as recovering effectively after the session. Featuring a range of performance energy drinks as well as a premium protein mix, this package is topped off with a handy 800ml drink mixer and a set of high-performance sports headphones from ROAM, making this bundle a great value training asset.

It's a well-known fact that your training is only ever as effective as your recovery. For that reason, it's important to keep your protein intake high after your sessions, to give your body the nutrients it needs to repair and then come back stronger. The Xendurance Protein mix is a high-quality supplement that delivers a complementary blend of wheys as well as a variety of vitamins that will help you maximize your recovery and therefore your performance gains.

The Fuel-5+ energy supplement, meanwhile, is a powerful energy drink that contains a mixture of carbohydrates as well as caffeine, helping to provide both an immediate energy boost as well as sustained fuelling for the duration of your ride. Xendurance's Extreme Hydro-X mix, meanwhile, provides a blend of both electrolytes and lactate in order to ensure that your muscles remain energised and to guard against fatigue. The Xendurance tablets also help to soothe muscle soreness and speed up recovery, so you can train harder for longer, and more often.

The bundle also comes with useful 800ml mixer, so you can mix and transport your supplements easily and conveniently. ROAM's Wired In-Ear headphones, meanwhile, is the perfect addition to help you stay motivated during those long evenings on the turbo or in the gym.


  • Includes all the training supplements you need to train at your hardest, and also ensure that you recover as effectively as possible
  • Also comes with a handy shaker for easy supplement-mixing and transport
  • Extreme Endurance tablets help to assuage muscle soreness and speed up recovery
  • Extreme Hydro-X mix provides a premium blend of electrolytes and lactate to promote glycogen synthesis
  • Also comes supplied with a set of ROAM In-Ear Headphones so you can stay motivated when working out or on the turbo
  • Fuel-5+ formula provides a potent blend of carbohydrates and caffeine to provide both an immediate and sustained energy boost
  • The Xendurance Protein mix is packed with several complementary wheys as well as a variety of vitamins, helping you recover from your training as effectively as possible
  • Included in the package: 1 x Extreme Endurance Tablets (180 tablets), 1 x Fuel-5+ (720 grams), 1 x Extreme Hydro-X (150 grams), 1 x 800ml Fire Red Wave Shaker, 1 x ROAM Wired In-Ear Headphone, 1 x Protein - Vanilla (950 grams)

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