Zipp 454 NSW Carbon Tubeless Disc Brake Rear Wheel



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454 NSW Carbon Tubeless Disc Brake Rear Wheel

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Zipp 454 NSW Carbon Tubeless Disc Brake Rear Wheel

Sitting at the top of the Zipp range, the versatile 454 NSW Carbon Tubeless Disc Brake Rear Wheel promotes increased speed into any road ride thanks to its “Total System Efficiency” (TSE) based design. TSE is a holistic approach that balances aerodynamics, weight, rolling resistance, and comfort to realise markedly improved performance.

The rim utilises the highest quality carbon fibre within a hookless format that promotes more even resin distribution. This leads to increased stiffness and lower weight for faster acceleration and quicker climbing speeds. The hookless rim format has a 23mm wide internal measurement to optimally mate with tubeless-ready tyres, helping them realise lower rolling resistance and heightened comfort at lower inflation pressures.

The carbon is sculpted into an undulating 53/58mm deep SawTooth rim profile that positions Hyperfoil nodes throughout its inner circumference. This innovative shape combines with the HexFin ABLC surface dimples to lower aerodynamic drag and improve crosswind stability.

Zipp's own Cognition V2 hub is smooth spinning and durable and is linked to the rim with Sapim CX-Ray spokes. The spokes are laced in a two-cross pattern to ensure excellent torsional rigidity and durability.


  • 12mm hub end caps
  • Center Lock lock ring


  • The range-topping 454 NSW is the racers favourite as it is fast in a vast range of road riding scenarios
  • Conceived via Zipp’s “Total System Efficiency” (TSE) design concept that equally factors aerodynamics, weight, rolling resistance and vibration losses (comfort)
  • A special tool that measures aerodynamic drag, rolling resistance, wind speed and wind yaw angle while on the road, was key in the development of these wheels 
  • The TSE holistic design approach equals more speed in real-world riding conditions rather than just wind tunnels
  • The rim uses the highest grade of carbon fibre to lower weight, increase strength and improve lateral stiffness
  • The hookless internal rim design is for tubeless-ready tyres only, promotes a more aerodynamic tyre to rim interface and lowers weight via more even resin distribution
  • A 23mm internal rim width works optimally with wider tubeless-ready tyres, lowering rolling resistance and improving comfort
  • Undulating 53/58mm deep, SawTooth rim shape with Hyperfoil nodes optimises aerodynamic efficiency and crosswind stability
  • The SawTooth rim profile increases lateral stiffness for faster climbing and snappier acceleration
  • HexFin ABLC rim surface dimple pattern further lowers drag
  • Zipp graphics applied using Zipp’s ImPress direct-print technology
  • Cognition V2 hub with an Axial Clutch V2 freehub for decreased resistance when freewheeling and almost instant pedalling engagement
  • Sapim CX-Ray spokes
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Tyre compatibility: Tubeless-ready only
  • Wheel Size: 700c
  • Rim: Full carbon with a SawTooth profile and HexFin ABLC rim surface dimples
  • Rim profile: Symmetrical
  • Rim finish: UD fibre, Impress technology
  • Rim depth: 53/58mm, undulating
  • Internal rim width: 23mm
  • Rim internal format: Hookless (straight sides)
  • Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray
  • Spoke lacing pattern: Two-cross
  • Spoke count: 24
  • Hub: Zipp Cognition V2 with Axial Clutch technology
  • Bearings: Cartridge - stainless steel
  • Freehub compatibility: SRAM XDR or Shimano HG/SRAM Road 11-speed
  • Brake compatibility: Disc
  • Disc standard: Center Lock
  • Axle: 12mm x 142mm thru-axle compatible
  • Manufacturer claimed weight: 727 grams (based on an XDR, 12mm thru-axle configuration with no rim tape or valves included)
  • Warranty: Lifetime

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