Zipp 858 NSW Disc Rear Wheel

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858 NSW Disc Rear Wheel

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Zipp 858 NSW Disc Rear Wheel

For events where a solid rear wheel isn’t possible, Zipp’s 858 NSW Disc Rear Wheel is probably the next best thing. Not only is it extremely aerodynamic, but it is also stable and light, so can be used on a variety of parcours.

The Sawtooth style 82/85mm rim combines with the HexFin ABLC dimple pattern to smooth the airflow over the wheel and improve stability for easier handling in crosswinds.  Zipp hasn’t just concentrated on aerodynamics and handling though, their TSE (Total System Efficiency) technology also recognises the importance of weight and vibration control when it comes to real-world usage. In its lightest guise, this wheel weighs just 811 grams, which is astonishing considering it is more than 80mm deep, with the hookless tubeless construction accounting for the majority of this weight loss. Inner tubes can still be safely used however if needed, as long as the tyre is hookless compatible. With tubeless systems comes the potential to run lower pressures for more grip, fewer punctures and increased comfort. This vibration reduction element helps to stave off fatigue for longer and is particularly useful for triathletes who need to transition into the run after a long bike leg.

The Cognition V2 rear hub features an Axial Clutch that fully disengages when not under power for reduced drag and then re-engages when needed. 54 points of engagement ensure a rapid response to any pedalling input. The wheel is tied together with Sapim’s blended CX-Sprint spokes, continuing the lightweight, aerodynamic, high-performance theme.


  • Zipp’s most advanced and fastest deep-rim wheel for road, triathlon, and time trial
  • Optimised tyre bed for easy tyre installation
  • TSE for greater efficiency and reduced rolling resistance
  • Sawtooth rim and HexFin ABLC dimple pattern for top aero and crosswind-stability performance with an undulating rim depth
  • Cognition V2 hubset rolls efficiently whether pedalling or coasting. Its Axial Clutch V2 technology reduces drag and lowers friction
  • Ships with 12mm front and rear end caps
  • Center locking rotor interface. Lockring is included with the wheels
  • XDR or SRAM/Shimano™ driver bodies
  • Campagnolo® N3W Driver body sold separately
  • Zipp graphics applied using Zipp’s ImPress direct-print technology
  • Minimum 25mm tire width
  • 28mm tyre is the optimum width for all riders


  • Hookless tubeless -ready
  • Sawtooth rim and HexFin ABLC dimple pattern, TSE technology
  • Wheel Size: 700c
  • Rim: Carbon
  • Rim Depth: 82-85mm
  • Internal Rim Width: 23mm
  • Spokes: Sapim CX-Sprint J-bend
  • Spoke Count: 20
  • Hubs: Cognition V2 with Axial Clutch, 54 points of engagement
  • Disc Standard: Center Lock
  • Rear Axle: Thru-axle 12x142mm
  • Recommended Tyre Size: 28mm
  • Manufacturer Claimed Weight: 811 grams
  • Compatibility: Shimano, SRAM, SRAM XDR

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