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Zipp Tangente Speed Tubeless Clincher Tyre

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Quality composition, construction, and a supreme performance, for a first try at going tubeless, the Zipp Tangente Speed Tubeless Clincher Tyre is an astounding success.

With a hugely grippy tread pattern and 60 ShA durometer rubber bolstered by a polyamide puncture protection, these tubeless tyres are fast and secure, ready for your fast riding.

Zipp Tangente Speed Tubeless Clincher Tyre

From the brand that brought you your favourite wheels, Zipp have extended their reach steadily into the world of tyres. In this, the Zipp Tangente Speed Tubeless Clincher Tyre, this American powerhouse make their first foray into the world of tubeless tyres and do so in some style.

Refining their range to the more common and fashionable 25mm and 28mm options, Zipp's tubeless tyre boasts a 127 TPI nylon casing for tough durability and puncture protection provided by a neatly laid layer of polyamide running under the tread, you can be sure that this tyre stands up to the perils of the open road.

Maximum tyre pressures listed at 115 and 100 PSI for the 25mm and 28mm option respectively, this tyre gets it's grip from a 60 ShA durometer rubber, clinging to the road and ensuring that all your power is put out on the flat, and that no momentum is lost in the corners. A water-siping tread pattern making these ideal for all year use, these low rolling resistance tyres are ideal for the performance rider looking to go faster.

Weighing 292 grams in the lightest iteration and tubeless compatible, these tyres can also be run with tubes as regular clinchers. Not recommended for use with tyre levers when installing or dismounting, these tyres are supple yet strong, for all your road riding demands.


  • Available in 25mm (RT25) and 28mm (RT28) widths
  • 127 TPI nylon casing
  • Low rolling resistance, high cornering grip
  • Ability to run lower tyre pressures with reduced risk of pinch flats
  • Max tyre pressure 115PSI for RT25 and 100PSI for RT28
  • No tyre levers needed or recommended for installation
  • Polyamide puncture protection layer under tread
  • 60 ShA durometer rubber
  • Water-siping tread pattern
  • Tubeless tyre but clincher compatible
  • Weight: 292g Tangente Speed RT25/ 302g Tangente Speed RT28

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