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Zipp Vuka Integrated Aerobar

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The redesigned uni-directional Zipp Vuka Integrated Aerobar delivers top-line aerodynamic efficiency through wireless integration of the SRAM eTap® AXS BlipBox and the broadest range of adjustments to ensure that your fit is both comfortable and high-performing.

With the engineering dialled-in for ease of use - all bolts face upward for simple installation, for example - the bar comes with base bar, extension towers, armrests, and 60-110mm risers, for a ride position that's proven to perform in the real world, at the top of cycling.

Zipp Vuka Aero Integrated Aerobar

The dawning of a new era in aero functionality with the redesigned Zipp Vuka Integrated Aerobar. Combining rider-centric ease-of-use and optimised adjustability to fine-tune the perfect fit, with wireless integration of SRAM's eTap® AXS BlipBox, for the cutting-edge clean lines and cockpit efficiency. Adjustments can be made in three independent planes, to really deliver bespoke comfort and performance - pad adjustment fore-aft of bar clamp centre, pad height measured from the bar clamp centre and pad width measured centre-to-centre.

Following extensive wind tunnel testing, an additional vertical adjustment has been engineered to meet the needs of time-trial enthusiasts, whereby armrests and extensions (bar ships with 110mm risers) can be positioned high with a low base bar. For optimum flexibility in the range of positions, extensions can also be angled by as much as 15 degrees, and the armrest pads can then be angled independently again at 5, 10, or 15 degrees. This aerobar will put you on the fast-track to new personal bests.

Please note, extensions are not included, however, we do sell the Vuka carbon extensions.

Read more about the SRAM AXS range of 12-speed components.


  • Integrated Carbon Aerobar works with any 31.8 clamp stem
  • Compatible with a wide range of integrated bikes
  • Lightweight
  • New centre cap has an integrated mount for the SRAM eTap® AXS BlipBox and keeps it hidden and out of the wind
  • Vuka Aero comes with base bar, extension towers, armrests, and risers to allow 60-110mm in vertical pad position
  • Removable centre cap, placed in front of the stem, adds 5 percent stiffness to the aero bar and integrates seamlessly to the base bar
  • Rapid Routing cable exits are positioned for easy installation of brake cables or hydraulic hoses
  • Weight: 706 grams (without extensions)
  • Clamp width: 52mm
  • Drop: 0mm
  • Width (centre-to-centre): 40cm
  • Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm
  • Pad Fore/Aft +46mm/-50m
  • Pad Width 140-280mm
  • Pad height adjustable 60-150mm (with aftermarket riser kit)
  • Extension pitch 0-15°
  • Armrest pad angle 5°, 10°, or 15°
  • Unidirectional carbon
  • Does not ship with extensions

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