Zone3 Activate Tri Shorts


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Activate Tri Shorts

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Zone 3 Activate Tri Shorts

The Zone 3 Activate Tri Shorts, part of the Activate range which has become a go-to choice for triathletes worldwide since its 2014 launch, aimed at boosting participation in the sport by offering high-quality gear at accessible prices. Constantly updated with technology from Zone 3's cutting-edge products, the Activate range of tri suits, tops, and shorts delivers top-notch performance, quality, and style. Laden with features typically reserved for top-level gear, the Activate Tri Shorts boast highly breathable fabrics for effective sweat management and temperature control, ensuring full coverage and shape retention. Enhanced saddle comfort is provided by the variable-thickness Tri-lite pad, while features like elastic technology, silicone UFO leg grippers, and flat-locked stitching ensure a snug fit, minimal irritation, and increased durability.



  • Combines great value with high performance, quality and style
  • Laden with features normally reserved for top-level tri suits
  • Improved panel design
  • Highly breathable fabrics for sweat management and temperature control
  • Full coverage and shape retention, no more see through moments
  • Increased saddle comfort from variable-thickness pad

Zone3 Activate Tri Shorts Sizing

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