Zone3 Activate Womens Trisuit


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Activate Womens Trisuit

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Zone 3 Activate Womens Trisuit

The Zone 3 Activate Womens Trisuit stands out as a revered staple in the triathlon community, offering exceptional quality and value since its launch in 2014. Originally designed for novice triathletes or those seeking affordable yet top-tier training gear, this collection, including tri-suits, tops, and shorts, has earned praise from athletes worldwide. The latest  Activate range features updated graphics and introduces a new lightweight, high-stretch waffle back panel for improved breathability and comfort. Key features include high-powered Lycra Sport fabric for breathability and coverage, a Tri-lite pad for comfort and reduced saddle pain, and silicone UFO leg grippers to prevent movement and irritation. The suit also incorporates elastic technology for a snug fit, a front zipper for extra ventilation, stylish flatlocked stitching for durability, and twin pockets on the back for convenient storage. Ideal for beginners or newcomers to the sport, the Activate Trisuit offers excellent performance and comfort, while those seeking enhanced performance and aesthetics can explore the Activate+ range.


  • High-powered Lycra Sport fabric: Ensures breathability and coverage on the front upper body and leg panels.
  • Waffle back panel: Incorporates lightweight, high-stretch fabric for maximum breathability and a comfortable fit.
  • Tri-lite pad: Strategically positioned pad with varying thickness levels and fine-line stitching for comfort and reduced saddle pain.
  • Elastic Technology: Provides a snug fit without discomfort around the arms and neck.
  • Front Zipper: Offers extra ventilation during cycling or running.
  • Silicone UFO leg grippers: Prevents movement and potential irritation at the knee.
  • Stylish Flatlocked stitching: Ensures durability and minimal discomfort against the skin.
  • Storage pockets: Twin pockets on the back for convenient nutrition, spares, or valuables storage.

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