Zone3 Advance Womens Wetsuit

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Advance Womens Wetsuit
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Zone3 Advance Womens Wetsuit

Perfect for training, racing or open-water exploring, the Zone3 Advance Womens Wetsuit uses highly flexible and insulating Yamamoto neoprene throughout its design. This material has a thinner construction across the shoulders and arms to ensure an efficient swimming stroke but is thicker on the leg panels to increase buoyancy and improve the swimmer's posture in the water. The neoprene panels have an AQUA-X Nano surface coating to minimise drag and increase speed through the water, while Smoothskin fabric is used in the hem areas to prevent water ingress.

Features including a laser-cut collar and raglan sleeve pattern improve comfort and guarantee freedom of movement, and slimline ProSpeed cuffs offer superior removal speed in transition. The suit is completed with high visibility prints to increase the wearer's safety in the water.


  • A comfortable, performance based entry-level wetsuit for training, racing and open-water exploring
  • Highly flexible and warm Yamamoto neoprene is used throughout the design
  • 1.5mm Yamamoto 39 SCS Free-Flex shoulder panel design provides high levels of flexibility, comfort and efficiency with each stroke
  • 4mm core support buoyancy panels on the upper legs help to keep the legs towards the surface of the water and therefore significantly reducing drag and fatigue
  • AQUA-X Nano surface coatings are used to minimise drag and increase speed through the water
  • Smoothskin fabric is used on the hem areas to prevent water from permeating the suit and weighing it down
  • No nylon panels or external flatlock stitching are used  to prevent water entry and improve speed and comfort
  • Slimline Pro-Speed cuffs offer superior removal speed
  • Laser precision collar provides a comfortable fit around the neck
  • Raglan sleeve panel layout offers increased flexibility to allow for greater stroke efficiency
  • High visibility prints help the athlete stand out when in the water
  • Eco-friendly Neoprene is derived from naturally occurring limestone and utilises scrap rubber tyres

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