Zone3 Aspire Womens Wetsuit 2021

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Aspire Womens Wetsuit 2021

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With buoyancy and construction tailored to a womens-specific fit, the already proven Zone3 Aspire Womens Wetsuit has been upgraded further to enhance both comfort, efficiency and performance so you can fully enjoy your open water swimming.

Using lightweight materials and carefully considered panel placement makes this a highly flexible wetsuit that enables you to conserve energy and lengthen your stroke. With improved buoyancy saving time in the water and detailing designed to improve triathlon transition times out of the water, this suit will soon have you chasing personal bests.

Product Highlights


Pro Speed Cuffs on the arms and legs allow rapid wetsuit removal.


High-stretch Yamamoto neoprene delivers an uninterrupted range of motion for fast, fluid swimming.


Manufactured from limestone rather than oil, this neoprene sees a reduced carbon footprint.


The laser cut collar allows a tighter fit without any feeling of discomfort around the neck.

Zone3 Aspire Womens Wetsuit

A perfect option for every level of triathlete, from beginner to seasoned elite, the improved Zone3 Aspire Women's Wetsuit is proven to perform and has the accolades to back it up.

The lightweight Yamamoto construction ensures all-over flexibility and thanks to the new one-piece integrated chest and shoulder panel for enhanced freedom of movement you can conserve energy with every stroke. The reduced drag coefficient and specific placement of varying fabric thicknesses the wetsuit delivers a reassuringly natural feeling swim, making it perfect for recreational open water swimming too.

Using new Aerodome material around the hips and in the legs that feature built-in bubbles further improves glide and reach through the water, and delivers 30% more buoyancy over standard neoprene. The Women's Aspire has a lower level of buoyancy around the chest and core, specifically tailoring improved comfort and fit. When it comes to saving crucial time during the race, the Pro Speed Cuffs and downward YKK zip help you to optimise transition times.


  • Winner of a wide range of industry awards
  • Perfect for all abilities - from beginners all the way through to elites
  • New integrated one-piece shoulder and chest panel design to increase flexibility and distance per stroke
  • New Aerodome Buoyancy panels on the legs and hips for up to 30% more buoyancy than standard neoprene
  • New Laser-Cut collar designed for a more comfortable ‘soft-seal’ fit around the neck
  • Made with 100% Yamamoto materials to ensure a much lighter, more flexible suit
  • SCS Nano coating to significantly reduce the underwater coefficient of dynamic friction
  • A drag coefficient of just 0.021 compared with 4.0 for regular neoprene
  • Designed for a fast, smooth and natural feeling swim
  • Downward YKK zip is easy to grab for fast transitions
  • Pro Speed Cuffs on the arms and the legs for rapid removal
  • Recognisable red cuffs for improved visibility
  • Graphite side and arm panels for a distinguished and premium style
  • Comes with a free mesh bag for storage

Zone3 Aspire Womens Wetsuit 2021 Sizing

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