Zone3 Lava Short Sleeve Trisuit

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Lava Short Sleeve Trisuit

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Zone3 Lava Short Sleeve Trisuit

The Zone3 Lava Short Sleeve Trisuit has been specifically optimised for performance over Ironman distances. Every imperfection is highlighted during these gruelling events, but the Lava Short Sleeve Suit cancels the chances of any irritation and enhances performance via a most comprehensive feature-set.

The suit comprises a blend of three advanced materials to maximise the athletes potential. The drag-reducing Aero-Stripe fabric is used on the upper back and sleeves for improved aerodynamics while the Airforce Soft-Touch material features on the main front and back panels due to its fit retention, and high breathability. The third material is the Sensory fabric, and its compressive weave is employed on the legs to support the muscles and reduce lactic acid accumulation.

The Iron Performance seat pad, manufactured by Cytec, offers ergonomically positioned relief when in the saddle that is crucial for long hours on the bike. Integrated leg grippers stop the legs from riding up while heat bonded, welded and flat-lock seams throughout eliminate the chances of chafing. Nutrition storage pockets are positioned neatly on the back and grant easy access to bars and gels before a full-length front zip completes the garment by offering adjustable levels of ventilation.


  • Designed to be the fastest possible suit across Ironman distance events by using a combination of advanced materials
  • Aero-Stripe – This Italian fabric is located on the upper back and sleeves to improve aerodynamics. This textured material creates turbulence across the key boundary layers when on the bike to reduce drag
  • Aeroforce Soft-Touch - This French fabric is used on the main front and back panels.  It is extremely breathable, has 360° stretch for total comfort and has a high-tech Nano water repellent coating to reduce drag in and out of the water
  • Sensory fabric – Provides extra support, freedom of movement and fatigue-reducing compression on the legs together with a full water repellent coating. Highly breathable and sweat-wicking
  • The fabrics feature a water repellent coating to ensure maximum low drag in-the-water performance and comfort throughout the race
  • Comfort fit design throughout the body allowing you to maximise performance across the swim, bike and run
  • Extremely high quality, Iron Performance pad by Cytech provides cushioning, pressure relief and ventilation. Crucial for IM distances
  • Bonded sleeve junction for an optimum fit and reduced drag
  • Nutrition storage pockets: located on the back and designed with a heat-bonded cover to allow gels to be stored and make it easy to access whilst on the bike or run
  • Premium integrated leg grippers, with gold fibres, for maximum comfort and support throughout the race
  • Utilising heat bonding, flat-lock stitching and closed stitching to find the perfect balance between comfort and speed
  • Front semi auto-lock zipper for tailored levels of ventilation

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