Zone3 Thermal Agile Womens Wetsuit

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Thermal Agile Womens Wetsuit

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Zone3 Thermal Agile Womens Wetsuit

Made for cold water conditions, Zone3’s Thermal Agile Womens Wetsuit uses three different thicknesses of neoprene and strategically placed fleece lining for greater comfort in frigid conditions.

The zoned neoprene panels not only increase the suit’s warmth but also balance the need for flexibility with buoyancy requirements for core support. 2mm Flex-Fit shoulder panels provide an excellent range of motion throughout the stroke whilst 3mm and 4mm neoprene around the body lift the core in the water for greater efficiency. A Smoothskin coating reduces drag through the water.

Slimline Pro Speed cuffs make putting the suit on and taking it off easier, with a Talon-resistant coating on the front of the legs to reduce accidental tearing from fingernails - particularly useful if the wetsuit is used for rushed triathlon transitions. 

Zone3’s neoprene is made from limestone and scrap rubber tyres, helping to reduce the environmental impact of each suit by over 200 grams of CO2.


  • Key panels utilise an improved fleece lining for greater heat retention when swimming
  • 2mm Flex-Fit shoulder panels improve range of motion allowing conservation of energy and reduced fatigue
  • 2mm, 3mm and 4mm panels provide a well-balanced profile to get the most out of the swim
  • Core support buoyancy panels on the upper legs. Helps to keep the legs towards the surface of the water significantly reducing drag and saving energy
  • High visibility graphic panels to stand out when in the water.
  • 100% Speedflo and Smoothskin coating for waterproofing and minimal drag
  • Fully glued and blind stitched for increased comfort and warmth
  • Talon-resistant coating applied to the front leg to help improve durability and reduce accidental fingernail tears
  • Slimline Pro Speed cuffs offer superior removal speed
  • YKK zip on the back of the suit with a cord attached for ease of use
  • Environmentally-friendly neoprene derived from limestone and scrap rubber tyres

Zone3 Thermal Agile Womens Wetsuit Sizing

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