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Silicone Shoe Cover
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VeloToze Silicone Shoe Cover

The VeloToze Silicone Shoe Covers are meticulously engineered to offer superior insulation against the elements while maintaining the hallmark waterproof and windproof protection expected from VeloToze. Silicone material is renowned for its exceptional insulating properties, ensuring feet are shielded from harsh conditions.

Featuring snap-on simplicity: The design incorporates snap buttons at the bottom for effortless installation. These buttons securely fasten under cycling shoes, providing a snug and comfortable fit.

Aerodynamic form-fitting: The silicone material is highly flexible, allowing for a smooth, snug fit over the dials and buckles of cycling shoes. This results in a sleek, aerodynamic profile that enhances performance while keeping feet protected.

Suitable for most cleated cycling shoes: The cleat and heel pad openings are generously sized to accommodate a wide range of cleated cycling shoes, including road, gravel, and MTB models, ensuring a perfect fit for most riders.

Whether preparing for race day, embarking on rigorous training sessions, tackling gravel roads, or simply commuting to work, choosing VeloToze Silicone Shoe Covers is as easy as a snap.

These covers are designed for temperatures ranging from 0°C (32°F) in dry, sunny weather to 15°C (59°F) in wet, rainy conditions.


  • Put on sock then pull shoe cover on over sock
  • Ensure the closure at bottom of the shoe cover is open
  • Put on a cycling shoe and close snaps under the shoe
  • Ensure shoe cover is pulled up over sock to create a water-tight seal around the ankle
  • Adjust around the cleat and heel pad. Ensure no part of the shoe cover is over the cleat or heel pad

Pro Tips

  • To prevent water from entering from the bottom of the shoe, remove the insole and place tape over the vent opening.
  • Ensure shoe covers are pulled up over socks and are under legwarmers to create a water-tight seal.


  • 100% Silicone Rubber

veloToze Silicone Shoe Cover Sizing

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