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Sigma Sports Podcast Archive

Episodes 1 to 10

Featuring the likes of Tour de France winner, Sir Bradley Wiggins, Pendulum guitarist and cycling commentator, Perry Ap Gwynedd and fun-loving Danish superstar Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig, our Sigma Sports presents Matt Stephens Unplugged archive is well worth a listen. Tune back into the first ten episodes and see if you notice a very special Belgian guest appearance in the form of Kenny Van Vlaminck and enjoy the origins of 'Guess That Snack'.

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Episode One

Matt welcomes Perry Ap Gwynedd onto the podcast to talk Tour de France, music & snack-based trivia

A weekly Sigma Sports podcast, Matt Stephens Unplugged kicks off with a musical theme as Matt is joined by Perry ap Gwynedd, lead guitarist in the rock band Pendulum. The duo talks about everything from the Tour de France to their favourite flying contraptions. Do you like a wheat-based challenge? You're in luck as this is your chance to play along with Matt Go For the Crunch. Other guests in this episode include Sigma Sports founder, Ian Whittingham and a man from Belgium who has a thing about peas.

Listen to episode one below.

Episode Two

A journey into the world of pros, Pringles and peas, Matt is joined in this episode by UCI World Elite Men's Time Trial Champion, Rohan Dennis

Matt Stephens is joined by current UCI World Elite Men's Time Trial Champion, Rohan Dennis to discuss the Australian's love of Lego, play 'Guess That Snack' and discuss the feasibility of a chocolate hangover. Matt answers your questions in the first edition of #AskMatt and everyone's favourite Belgian updates us from his self-quarantine session in a pea factory.

Listen to episode two below.

Episode Three

One crazy banana! We are pleased to welcome Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig onto the podcast. Cecilie joins Matt to chat Dahl and dancing before taking over the show

Matt is joined by one of Denmark’s rising stars of the women’s pro peloton, Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig, to chat about her favourite places in the world to ride a bike, how to really bring your Dahl to life with a secret ingredient, and of course the superiority of Danish Pick ‘n’ Mix. Kenny Van Vlaminck updates us from Patrick’s Peas factory, and Matt’s been busy in the garden with his watercolours.

Listen to episode three below.

Episode Four

Matt Stephens chats with Thomas De Gendt about his favourite victories, both on the road with UCI WorldTeam Lotto Soudal, and on Grand Theft Auto 5 with his friends

One of the most feared breakaway riders of a generation, Thomas De Gendt joins Matt from the comfort of his games room, as the pair discuss how riding aggressively is part of the Belgian’s nature. Matt delivers a lesson in one-directional moonwalking, and we hear more from Belgian, Kenny Van Vlaminck, who gives us another update from his lockdown location in a pea factory in Flanders.

Listen to episode four below.

Episode Five

Matt Stephens and Sir Bradley Wiggins chat self-worth, criticism and the biggest choice you have in life

Matt chats to Sir Bradley Wiggins about the compassionate power of being nice to your critics, using art as a creative release, and how cycling with your kids creates some of the best memories you’ll ever have. Matt’s found a replacement for commentating on the Grand Tours, and if you’ve heard from Kenny Van Vlaminck, let us know.

Listen to episode five below.

Episode Six

Two Matts for the price of one, in this episode Matt Stephens is joined by former super domestique and now super Sporting Director, Matt White to talk the good old days of bike racing, snack-based stories and lots more.

Matt White chats to Matt Stephens about riding himself to the bone for Francesco Casagrande at the 2000 Giro d’Italia, meticulously planning stage race strategies months in advance as Sporting Director for Mitchelton Scott, and being the only native Australian speaker in the 1998 peloton. Matt’s found a replacement for commentating on the Grand Tours, and #AskMatt returns for more random trivia.

Listen to episode six below.

Episode Seven

Matt Stephens welcomes Alice Barnes to her first podcast, where they discuss missing out on racing in your national jersey, Ikea furniture, and the ability to hear salt and vinegar.

Alice Barnes and Matt Stephens chat about sewing, cafe bonk, the ability to smell salt and vinegar, and how you’d do anything for a teammate but you’d go that bit further for your sister. Still missing the Giro d’Italia, Matt’s been busy commentating on the latest stage of the Grand Chores.

Listen to episode seven below.

Episode Eight

Matt Stephens joins Mike Woods to discuss the good timing of his bad injury, having Girona all to yourself, and exploration and challenging yourself is the key to life.

Mike Woods chats to Matt Stephens about breaking his leg at the best possible time, how Sergio Higuita could become the best cyclist in the World, and how exploration and challenging yourself is the key to life. Guess That Snack has been customised for North American taste buds, and the Grand Chores returns, with Matt attempting to empty the dishwasher in the time it takes to make his morning coffee.

Listen to episode eight below.

Episode Nine

Matt Stephens talks to Pippa York about Paw Patrol, riding her bike for the fun of it, and taking Pride Month online.

Pippa York and Matt Stephens discuss her baptism of fire at the Belgian Classics in 1980, the fun of racing despite the pain, her continuing BYOC policy (Bring Your Own Chainring) and whether there is any place in soup for an egg. We also pay another visit to the ever-popular Grand Chores for stage four: Making the Bed!

Listen to episode nine below.

Episode Ten

Matt Stephens and Johan Museeuw chat killer instinct, overcoming injury, and how taking Eddie’s Merckx advice won him the World Championship.

Johan Museeuw chats to Matt Stephens about spending lockdown with his son Stefano, the joys of a nice Italian red wine, how your motivation can change after a strong ride, and how two millimetres can make all the difference. The Grand Chores is back, but with an injured Matt Stephens attempting to Clean the Shower, the real challenge will be finishing before the time cut!

Listen to episode ten below.

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