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Sigma Sports Podcast Archive

Episodes 21 to 30

Episodes 21 to 30 saw some really memorable podcast moments on Sigma Sports Presents Matt Stephens Unplugged. From Hugh Carthy's biscuit negotiations to the appearance of the Denver Quiz in the Jonathan Vaughters Episode, there were plenty of laughs. Kasia Niewiadoma and Lizzie Deignan both remember their biggest wins to date, while Adam Blythe and Matt Stephens set a new record in tangential chatting.

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Episode twenty one

Matt Stephens and Hugh Carthy chat about always having a positive career path in mind, and the potential benefits of cross training on a snooker table.

Hugh Carthy tells Matt all about his recent success at Vuelta a España, and how it all came down to a massive team effort from EF Education First Pro Cycling. From his residence in Andorra, he’s been training in sub zero conditions, but can he keep his cool when faced with Matt’s custom-made hometown centric Preston quiz?

Listen to episode twenty one below.

Episode twenty two

Matt Stephens and Alec Briggs discuss cycling heroes, being an alternative cyclist, and how the bike represents another level of freedom.

Alec Briggs chats to Matt Stephens about the importance of developing bike handling skills above power and aerodynamics. With his Tekkerz cycling team poised to tackle 2021 head-on, the Lewisham native is determined to add to the cycling world; not replace anything. But just how did this self-professed snack expert manage to cause Matt to suffer ‘snack confusion’ in a first for the podcast?

Listen to episode twenty two below.

Episode twenty three

Matt Stephens and Jonathan Vaughters discuss winning creatively, upsetting the apple cart, and how the whole team matters.

Jonathan Vaughters explains to Matt Stephens how his EF Education-Nippo cycling team is the natural home of intellectual misfits, and how no rider is greater than the team itself. With a personal love for individual expression, JV practices what he preaches and is known for standing his ground and swimming against the tide. But just how will he fare in the world’s first cycling-podcast-based Denver quiz?

Listen to episode twenty three below.

Episode twenty four

Matt Stephens and Kasia Niewiadoma chat about escaping small towns in Poland to take on the world stage.

Kasia Niewiadoma tells Matt Stephens how she first took up cycling to prove herself to her father, and ended up making him incredibly proud and excited by winning the Amstel Gold Race in 2019. Tune in to find out how the Canyon-SRAM climber prepares for a big race, what drew her to cycling as a youth, and exactly how Matt managed to lose a quiz he wrote himself.

Listen to episode twenty four below.

Episode twenty five

Matt Stephens and Matt Holmes talk about the doggedness required to compete at your first Grand Tour.

Matt Holmes takes a break from training on his snowy local roads to chat to Matt Stephens about his first Giro d’Italia and admits that while he’s not the best climber or sprinter out there, working hard can get you far. The Lotto–Soudal rider lays out his goals for the coming season, tackles the Wigan quiz, and explains how his newfound fame has changed the way he waves.

Listen to episode twenty five below.

Episode twenty six

Matt Stephens and Karl Kopinski chat brushstrokes and pedal strokes, and how you can always spot a bluffer on the bike or in the art gallery.

Karl Kopinski steps back from the easel to spend an hour with Matt Stephens and chat about their shared loves of art and cycling. Famed for his breathtaking illustrations and captivating portraits, Karl enjoys nothing more than unwinding with a hard session in the saddle. On his way to becoming the celebrated artist he is today, the Nottingham native worked as a pool attendant, did a shift in a pie factory, and spent a day as a refuse worker. But, it was an in-house stint at Games Workshop followed by a chance meeting with designer Paul Smith that really changed his life...

Listen to episode twenty six below.

Episode twenty seven

Matt Stephens and Steve Cummings talk about motivation, cycling culture and how tactics can beat power.

Steve Cummings tells Matt Stephens how his working class background makes him uncomfortable with doing nothing. Now busy with a postgrad course and his new position at Ineos Grenadiers, Steve recognises how privileged he is to have lived a dream, and now to be in a position to start all over again. The random question generator is back, and Matt struggles to find questions about Steve’s hometown, in the Pensby quiz.

Listen to episode twenty seven below.

Episode twenty eight

Matt Stephens and Lizzie Deignan talk about her perfect World Road Race Championship victory and how she’ll keep racing for as long as possible.

Lizzie Deignan is enjoying life as a pro cyclist more than ever, and in this exclusive interview she tells Matt Stephens all about her preference to train outdoors, whatever the weather. They look back at her confident victory at the 2015 World Road Championships in Richmond, and discuss the future while touching on their shared addiction to property listing websites. Matt’s done his research in the Otley quiz, and Lizzie doesn’t disappoint with her local knowledge.

Listen to episode twenty eight below.

Episode twenty nine

Matt Stephens and George Bennett talk honesty, cultural differences and the importance of a good team setup.

George Bennett and Matt Stephens discuss how fine margins win races, but fine margins are easy to close. From his apartment in Andorra, overlooking the empty pistes, the New Zealand native looks back at his career to date and explains how he’s grown as a rider. Now with Jumbo Visma, the Kiwi national road champion is flourishing at a team that really knows how to mine his talent. The Random Question Generator serves up a doozie, and Matt gets out his notebook to swat up on George’s hometown for the Nelson quiz.

Listen to episode twenty nine below.

Episode thirty

Matt Stephens and Adam Blythe talk about hanging on in races, getting out of the game and the merits of corned beef.

Adam Blythe and Matt Stephens discuss the modern era of road racing, and how competing against the likes of van der Poel and van Aert is a whole different ball game. There are two tenuously linked stories about the Junior Axel Tour, and Adam gives us an insight into how it feels to ride pillion on an in-race moto at the Tour de France. The pair imagine a bike race without bikes, talk at length about Bubble and Squeak and Adam tries to phone a friend to gain a competitive edge in the Sheffield Quiz.

Listen to episode thirty below.

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