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Commuter Bike Accessoires

Make sure you're ready and prepared for your ride to work by picking up all the accessories you need to maximise comfort and safety. Whether it's mudguards for wet roads, a lock for bike security, a bag for carrying clothes and a computer, or tools for dealing with roadside repairs, we have tonnes of great options to enhance commuting enjoyment.

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Fitting Bike Mudguards


Mudguards can be game-changing in terms of comfort on a wet day. They protect you, and sometimes your bike and any riders behind from getting a soaking, and will stop you from turning up to work soggy and cold. Mudguards come in a range of fittings and compatibilities so from the full-length, eyelet fixture type, to simple clip-on rear Ass Savers, explore the huge range we have at Sigma Sports, where you're sure to find one suitable for your needs. 

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Bike Lock

Bike Locks

If you plan to leave your bike in a public place during work hours a good lock is essential, as there's no worse feeling than having your bike stolen. Browse D-locks, chains, cables and other options in our large range. 

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Messenger Bag


Be it occasionally or every day, as a commuter you're likely to be carrying some clothes, a laptop or other kit to work. There are a number of options when it comes to taking this on the bike, with panniers, backpacks and messenger bags all popular choices. Browse our wide range and find something that is comfortable, practical and works for your setup. 

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Vel tools

Bike Tools

There are some tools that are essential for your commute. A puncture repair kit that includes tyre levers and a pump, and a small multitool will make most roadside repairs a breeze and we stock a whole range. Browse now and make sure you're prepared for anything. 

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Bike Lights

Bike Lights

Staying seen and ensuring your path ahead is clearly visible are key considerations when it comes to commuting by bike, either on or off road. A good set of bike lights are an essential addition to your bike and come in a range of designs, with modes to cater to everything from urban cycling to rural commutes and even after work off road escapades. We have an extensive range of both front bike lights and rear bike lights at Sigma Sports from some of the best brands on the market.

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